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Happy Monday everyone!  Today, I am bringing back the link up to the blog!  Pretty exciting for me because I love seeing all of your posts, whether it be from linking up with me or me linking to other blogs!  I decided to have a nod to a few past linkup posts to celebrate the return, so get ready to go down memory lane and also link up your latest and greatest below - I would love to see what's been going on!
This statement has NEVER been truer! I know I'm guilty of showing up somewhere with the sheer intent of just showing off my outfit! House of Rehab got it all the right with this tee AND has brought back my love for slogan tees! For a while, I thought that I was getting too... READ MORE HERE at WHAT I'M HERE TO DO!

HEYYYY! 👋🏾 So, yeah, last week....that was an unexpected week off from blogging. The weather was so treacherous, to say the least, so hopefully y'all can give me a pass! 🙏🏾 I was able to get out this weekend and... READ MORE HERE at AROUND THE WAY!

I thought I was going to miss these beautiful blooms since they only last a good week or two. Everyone, especially in the blogosphere, should be aware of these gorgeous Apple Blossom trees every Spring. They are just drop dead beautiful, but the sad this is that the blooms are short-lived, especially when there's... READ MORE HERE at APPLE BLOSSOM!

You know how you get too lazy to find an appropriate backdrop for a certain post, so you go with the one you found earlier this year? Yeah, this is that post! When I was styling this, I had every intention of finding a location that would bring out that Spanish flare that I was looking for. But Mother Nature drained the absolute life outta me and... READ MORE HERE at FIESTA, FIESTA!

...Well, not really crazy, but you know! I knew the moment I opened the package for this dress that I would do a nod to Beyonce's "Hold Up". Now, of course, my dress doesn't compare to her Roberto Cavalli dress but I couldn't resist this gorgeous yellow. :) Now, the color of this dress mirrored how... READ MORE at I'D RATHER BE CRAZY...!

Now it's time to link up for this week!  Come on and share what you've been up to!!
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Happy Monday ladies and gents!  I wish I could take yesterday's weather and replicate it for eternity! It was such a beautiful Easter, and while we didn't celebrate it the traditional way, it was still a great day with the family!  I got to sleep in til 9:30a (even though I didn't go to sleep until almost 3a, smh) and just got to enjoy the day.  The little lady had to have 4 teeth extracted and her braces put on last Thursday and required a lot of Mommy time, but she is feeling much better, which allowed for me to plan out and execute this post.
sweater: target (sold out, similar) || jeans: charlotte russe (now closed) || shoes: nike
earrings: f21 (similar) || necklace: soufeel (15% off with code "chaseg15") || bag + sunnies: justfab

A little story on these pants - My husband went to the mall one Saturday and called me like "Did you know Charlotte Russe was going out of business?"  I was like "sure didn't!"  He ended up getting Caryss some things and me a pair of over the knee boots (which we later found out were 2 left shoes, smh).  We went back over to the mall the next day (the day they were actually closing) and everything that was left was a $1!  There wasn't a big variety of items to choose from, but I was able to snatch Caryss some more pants and me a sweater and these pants.  I was super sad that I couldn't wear the over the knee boots - hubby was actually trying to call them to see if they had another right boot and I was like "it's really okay, they are closed forEVA (Cardi B's voice)!!

Now, when I originally planned this outfit, I had some cute "vintage" heels from ShoeDazzle that went PERFECTLY with my mustard sweater, but once I was down in the city walking around, I was like "yeah, but no! - the Cortez's will work!"  My husband actually purchased these for Caryss, but her being her big-footed self, they were are a tad too small for her which means I reap the rewards!  They are super comfortable and the first pair that I've owned.  They will most certainly be in heavy rotation!

We went downtown to get these pics off and you know, I was in such a great mood.  We went to Campus Martius, Chase Tower and Hart Plaza/Riverwalk.  So many families out having enjoying the warm temps.  I thought it was funny that we walked past a Dianetics table right at Hart Plaza - y'all, I am a DIEHARD Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath fan and just knowing that there is a Scientology building in Detroit is beyond me.  But that's a story for another life!

I hope that you all had a great Easter weekend and that the weather was as beautiful as Sunday was for me (btw, it rained ALL day Saturday).  What did you guys do over the weekend?

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I would normally feel self-conscious about my midriff showing, but hey, #YOLO
shoot locations
Chase Tower
Detroit, MI


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Happy Monday Loves!  Not too much to report today!  This is going to be an interesting week - rain, short work week, rain, little one FINALLY getting her braces and more rain! :) #aprilshowers Hope you all had a great weekend and have the best week ever!  Let me know in the comments what you did! :)
booties + jeans: justfab || top: wearall || vest: old


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Happy Monday everyone!  Let's talk about Spring wish items!  I haven't had the opportunity to go all out on myself in a while (and who am I kidding, still can't at the moment, we'll talk about this later!), but when I am, I plan on getting as much off of this list as possible!  My wardrobe is in need of a definite refresh, so here are a few things that I am looking forward to grabbing up!
DRESSES || The one item that I love to run towards in the Spring and Summer months are dresses. It's one piece that you can dress up with accessories or down with nothing at all!  My fave is a good ol' oversized maxi dress with simple sandals and minimal jewelry.  My Summer wardrobe!

DUSTERS || I feel like you can't own too many of these!  The environment that I work in requires me to dress business BUT it's freezing cold from all of the computers, so I have to always keep some kind of layer handy.  And they are just soooo cute and easy to style.
duster: windsor store

dress: windsor store || jewelry: f21 || shoes: justfab

BOYFRIEND and SKINNY JEANS || I haven't had the best luck with jeans lately!  I've been up and down in weight and they've just not been easy to find.  I was able to find some jeans at the thrift store that I fell in LOVE with, I just dont want to purchase from the actual company because they are full of s*** and I will never give them a cent of my money!  Just pray for me on this one yall! 

FLATS || I never thought that I would be typing this, but I have fallen in love with flats!  They are just so practical and there are some cute ones out here!  I really need to go on a flat shoe haul - they are very easy to style and I need them at work because even though I work in HR (which I still can't believe I haven't updated you guys on this #2plusyearslater), I am not stationary at all!  I am all over my building talking to team members, so I need stylish but comfortable shoes.

ALL OF THE JUSTFAB THINGS || just see for yourself!
AND SO MUCH MORE!  I didn't want this to be super lengthy so I will follow this up with a part 2 (at some point) - but GUYS!!!!!  I kinda need everything on the list and I wouldn't feel any kind of bad about it!

So funny that I am talking about Spring essentials, but these photos were shot about a week or 2 before Winter began here in MI and holy cold weather!  I remember it too - I had people telling me that I was a brave soul for going out in the elements to do these!  And I believe them too!  What are your fashion crushes for the upcoming season?  I would love to hear about them!

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shoot location || DIA - Detroit, MI


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While everyone else is welcoming April with beautiful weather, us Michiganders endured rain that turned into snow and ice!  SO great guys!  I still had plans on going out and shooting over the weekend - until I stepped out there, lol.  Bitter cold with wind and leftover snow/ice.  I will try this again next week ladies and gents, but this is all I have to give this week.  
dress + shoes: justfab
How's the weather in your neck of the woods?  The trees are hinting at buds if the temps can get it together.  I will be so glad once everything starts to bloom! 🌸

I hope that you all had an amazing weekend, see you next week!