This statement has NEVER been truer!  I know I'm guilty of showing up somewhere with the sheer intent of just showing off my outfit!  House of Rehab got it all the right with this tee AND has brought back my love for slogan tees!  For a while, I though that I was getting too "up there in age" to wear them, but hell, this one speaks too near and dear to my heart to just look over.  I've also worn a couple of their 1st model slogan sweatshirts back in the day (Fashion Killah here (God forgive these fits AND photos 😩).  I still wear them to this day and everyone still loves them!

shirt: house of rehab, waiting on this one to arrive
pants: choies, fan of these and these || shoes: lola shoetique
bag: justfab, loving this one and this one || head wrap: target, totally feeling this and this too 

At this very moment, I am (im)patiently awaiting the arrival of The Recipe shirt from House of Rehab.  It's showing to be delivered to my apartment complex but it is totally not in my hands!  Good ol' United States Postal Service for you.  I am not looking forward to this FOREVER phone call that I am going to have with them, but I want my shirt, dang it!

When putting this outfit together, every fashion scenario went through my head: skirt w/ boots, skirt with flats or tennis shoes, high waist jeans (because in reality, that's all I wear), and so on and so forth.  Then I remembered these orange pants in my closet.  These were featured a few years ago and have been just hanging in my closet since then.  I know that they are keepers because they never go out with the "time to Spring clean" clothing but I must say that I've totally neglected them over the years. Not any more!

I attempted to start back with my weekly linkup last week, but I think Inlinkz was having some major issues. I couldn't get it to act right to save my life!  Hopefully this week will be the return and there aren't any issues for you guys to link up!  Hope everyone has a great Monday!