Happy New week everyone!  I felt it would be kinda cool to make the week a "series" week with some NEW SHOES posts everyday!  I have enough to cover everyday this week, but listen, one of them are open toed and ya girl is in need of a serious pedi, so that's gonna be a no for me dawg (Randy Jackson voice). 😂 So, you guys will see the last 4 pair that's entered into the closet this week, with a break on Wednesday!

Yes, if you guys haven't noticed by now, I do have this thing with shiny shoes!  I have tons of them and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon!  They are flashy without being over the top or gaudy and they are total attention grabbers.  These came from AMI Clubwear (Tuesday and Thursday will showcase some more from there as well).  You guys know my total shpeel about them and how I gawked over their shoes for years, so I wasn't too shocked that I would like them when they came.

I ordered my true size and they fit just right.  What I am surprised at is how comfortable they are.  We all know it's hit or miss with heels, especially pointy toed ones and these hit the mark with comfort.  I've actually had these for a while and I wore them to a wedding in St. Louis and my feet didn't hurt at all!  I wanted you guys to see these in action, so I will be adding a short video to all of my NEW SHOES posts from now on!

Make sure you check out AMI Club Wear and their amazing shoe selection and I will see you guys tomorrow with a pt. ii to this weeks series!  

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