"Here we are, finally together...holding close, never release this..."
One of my favorite "float in space" songs by Late Night Alumni.  That's what I immediately thought about while editing these photos.  As we approach the final month of Summer, all I plan on filling my soul with is happiness, peace and positive vibes to prepare my mind for another school year and Fall's cooler weather.


It's been a while for new shoe posts, but here is the latest to enter my closet, Anna from ShoeDazzle! Another 1st in a long time is my shopping with SD and I was pleasantly surprised on how much they've changed since I last logged in.  They are selling CLOTHES now!  Who knew?  Probably EVERYONE but me, smh.  Nonetheless, these babies brought me JOY when I laid eyes on them!


Well, well, well!  What do we have here?  Chanda posting?  Why, YES! 💕 I know it's been a minute and honestly, I feel like my last few posts have been me apologizing for not being consistent but I think I needed this time off!  Some don't realize the amount of time put into an outlet such as a blog, and truth be told, it can be draining!  Especially when the creative side of your brain is conflicting with everything that you have going on.  I can't say that I will be as consistent as before, but I will most certainly not let 6 ENTIRE months go by without saying hello!