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Happy Halloween everyone!  For the life of me, I tried to get it together with a costume post.  Time just wasn't on my side this year but in it's place, I am linking up with a few of my favorite bloggers (keep reading to find out who).  I hope that the weather in your neck of the woods is cooperating enough to allow for trick or treating with the little ones today!  Kinda cold in my area but that won't stop the candy rush!


This week, I am linking up with these beauties for the infamous Trend Spin Linkup!  I've been following Laura of Walking in Memphis in High Heels and Erin of The Fashion Canvas for the longest and I've been linking up with them for a couple years now every Tuesday!  Now, I've added another to my reading list with Jenna from Visions of Vogue!

sweater: f21 || jeans + booties + bag: justfab

I fell in love with this sweater when I laid eyes on it.  The hardest decision was color (this one or mustard).  It's something about it that has an old school vibe to it, especially with the bell sleeves.  I decided to pull it back some to make it look like a hi-lo because initially, it's SUPA booby!  Nonetheless, it's so soft and comfy and I can see putting some miles on this one!

I didn't want to have too many accessories with this fit (which I'm noticing that less is more these days). Added some skinnies, some navy accessories with my bag/booties and a simple pair of hoops and this is a Fall fit in the bag!

Make sure you guys link up below and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!
linking up with these beauties this week!

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HEYYYY! 👋🏾 So, yeah, last week....that was an unexpected week off from blogging.  The weather was so treacherous to say the least, so hopefully y'all can give me a pass! 🙏🏾 I was able to get out this weekend and get 2 of the 4 shots done that I had planned.  I swear laziness got the best of me this weekend, for real but I have to get better because it's getting darker a lot sooner and colder by the day!

top + bag [talon]: justfab || jeans [old]: shop500boutique || boots [breanne]: shoedazzle || hat: f21

This outfit makes me think of hanging out with the girls during the day or hanging at the fair (yes, I would be that one at the fair in heels LOL).  Its so chill, not conforming and did I mention that not one hair was combed in the making of this post!  I absolutely LIVE in hats whenever possible!!  If I could wear them at work, I totally would!

Continuing on with my shiny shoe obsession, these are the latest to enter into my collection.  These are Breanne from ShoeDazzle and I couldn't be more in love!  The only thing that I would have to gripe about is that they have the big ankle gap.  I know that we are in the 90's phase with the sock booties and I wish that these fit a little more snug more around my ankle!  I don't know how these and skinnies will be but I will let y'all know when I try it.


linking up with these beauties this week!


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Alright, let's wrap up this week with these GAWJUS™ boots!  I'm gonna keeping reiterating my fascination with all things shiny, and that includes sparkles too!  Of course when I saw these, I owned them in my mind! I actually upon first glance thought that these would be more of a heather grey, even though the color description says silver.  Nonetheless, I am infatuated with these and I can't wait to style them!

These beauties came from JustFab and they are named Freya.  They come in black also and I did ponder whether or not I should get those too since I love how they fit.  Honestly, the black ones look plain up against these babies!  I had to give these a night shoot because 1, it's been raining/gloomy as heck and 2, I don't believe that I would've been able to pick up the sparkle that these ladies throw out in daylight.  We needed to do them against brilliant lighting to showcase this shine!

I managed to get some video footage done, even though the weather was extremely crappy the 2 days  that I went out to shoot.  That's MI for you!  Check out the action shots below and let me know what you think!  Also, if you've missed anything this week, the refreshers are below AND if you want these beauties, they are at JustFab! Grab em quick! 

Thanks for riding with me this week and see you Monday with a new linkup!
linking up with these beauties this week!


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Ah, the return of the olive booties!  You guys certainly know that I have 2 obsessions (other than shoes itself and shiny things) which are grey and olive.  Whoever was mixing up colors back in the day and came up with this one is the REAL MVP!  The great thing about olive is that it can be dressed against mainly every color, giving endless opportunities for different looks!  This week is flying along FAST and it brings us to day 3 of the NEW SHOES series.

So these would have to be my FAVORITE ones that come from AMI Club Wear.  I am super impressed by the quality of these vs. the cost.  They, unlike the previous ones, are super sturdy and easy to get into.  Once you adjust the laces to your comfort, you can enter and take off using the side zip and never have to worry about adjusting again!  The open panel in the front adds a little more pizzazz, if you will, to this already gorgeous shoe!

Unlike the others, they debuted in my BTAFY, JWMY post (acronym) and paired it with an olive green tank dress/pink kimono.  This is a fit that I would actually wear in real life (y'all bloggers know that sometimes we wear things "for the blog" that we wouldn't wear in real life, I've been a lot less of that though) and these shoes are just as wearable.  Here's a memory jog:

Make sure to check out AMI Club Wear, specially if you want these boots (they come in Taupe also)!  I am sure they will sell out fast.  Check below if you want an in action video and a refresher of what this week has shown!  Happy Thursday Loves!  See you tomorrow with some DAZZLE!

- Monday and Tuesday -


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Happy Tuesday everyone!!  Today, I am back with another pair of for the NEW SHOES vault!  This is a fun way for me to put my babies on display with hopes that the world would view them the way I do.  I have this sexy pair of strappy stilettos up next for the showing that can be paired with some skinnies or something a little dressier.  Come on in and see these in action!

So these beauties are also from AMI Club Wear and I was on the fence with these.  As pleasing to the eye as they are, I have issues with them.  One of them is the fact that you have to un lace the entire shoe in order to get it on despite it having a side zip.  The laces toward the bottom of the shoe are too tight for your foot to fit into, therefore, we need to unlace.  That wouldn't be so bad if there were tips on the ends of the laces to help guide them back through the hole.  It's hard by it being an unfinished end to get back through the hole.  I had to use a thicker sewing needle to get them back in successfully! 

The second thing is that with certain steps taken, the shoes don't feel as sturdy as I would want it to.  Not to say that the heel would break just with the simple act of walking, but if there was some heavy duty partying or a drunken night (hey, it happens), I wouldn't be as confident that the heel would survive!  All in all, they are a really cute and fun pair of shoes to own, I just have to rock them cautiously! 

Make sure you check out AMI Club Wear!  I am still a super fan of them and I can't wait until I get my next haul!  Check out these babies in action below and let me know your thoughts!

Did you miss yesterday's post?  Here's a refresher!