YAY for outdoor shoe picks! Loving today's weather which was perfect for these single soled, ankle straps here from JustFab. Let me tell you a little story on how these lovelies became a fixture in my closet. If you aren't aware, I'm going to be debuting my own link up next week Monday, and while styling the outfit for that post, I couldn't find a shoe that I liked with it (story of my life lately). These were in my wishlist at JustFab, so I just decided to pull the trigger and the rest is history!


How ironic of me to wear a shirt that dons "shoe addict" and rock flats with it?  Trust me, I tried every variation of heel that I thought would work for this and I didn't like one of them!  But let's be honest, I don't wear heels every day!  Not even on a regular basis anymore (unfortunately).  I work in a very casual environment and I am not a fan of heels and Winter at all!  Luckily our weather is breaking, which is bringing out tons of outfit inspo and my gorgeous babies (shoes)!


Man, have I had a rough couple weeks!  I wish I could come on here and announce some fabulous deal that I've been working on that warranted my absence, but it's quite the opposite!  If you guys have followed my YouTube channel for a while, then you already know the story behind my mother and I's relationship.  It was a strained one.  I won't go into detail because it's just not the right time.  I'm mentally and emotionally drained to the point where I'm switching moods literally every 5 minutes.  Yes, It's been 2 of the worst weeks of my life!


Not back just yet guys, just wanted to share this awesome case, along with my first blog giveaway with you guys!  As part of my Christmas 2015 Wishlist, one of the items I wanted was the latest IPhone 6S Plus. #success But with new things comes needing new accessories!  Luckily CaseApp, who is sponsoring this post, has a great concept going on with allowing the customization of your phone case or MacBook skins!


Hi everyone!  I will be back on in a couple weeks.  Over the weekend, we had a family emergency and it's going to take every bit of my spare time!  Thank you for understanding and hope you stick around!  Stay fashionable and blessed.


Fringe heeled sandals are most certainly what's in right now! The latest to capture our hearts are sandals with fringe along the front strap! I know I certainly fell in love when I saw them on Sheree of Posh Classy Mom and a few other bloggers and said "I hope JustFab comes out with a variation of these." Guess what? My request was answered while browsing through my email and sure enough, what was in the "new line up"? These gorgeous babies here!


Happy new month of March everyone!  I was pretty excited when the good folks from Essence contacted me to review one of their Essence BeautyBoxes!  With so many subscription boxes out there, it's kind of hard finding one that fits "YOU", so I am stoked to see how the products in this one works for me!  Introducing the Essence BeautyBox, a subscription service box curated by their trusted beauty experts delivered directly to your door each month. In it, you’ll have an opportunity to test some of the latest and most innovative products, as well as their proven favorites.