I haven't had new shoe therapy since I purchased these beauties back in August '15.  It really has been that long!  For some folks, they would read this and say "well, you don't have to buy new shoes but a couple times a year!"  But that's like telling me that you only need to shower once a month.  It's completely unheard of!  I have a reason as to why, but let's not be repetitive and just move on to my latest babies to enter my closet. 
We all know how much of a huge fan I am of JustFab!  So much so, I was lucky enough to become one of their Brand Ambassadors, which allows all kinds of cute perks and early access to my boutique monthly.  This month they knocked it out of the park with their selections.  I still have so much in my wishlist that I would like to purchase, especially since they are rolling out some of their spring items, YAY!  So far, I decided to go with Magdalena and Eslia.

You guys met Magdalena in "I Gotta Big Ego" and I have to admit, I have this thing about strappy heels (here, here, here and so many more).  I love how they make my legs look!  So it was only right for me to be insanely attracted to these!  I went back and forth between the black and nude ones, but I ended up settling for the black ones first.  I received them and instantly fell in love!  Then I gave in and got the nude ones.  I'm glad I got the black first because once I went back in when the nude ones arrived, they were all sold out!  I'd have to say these are my faves at the moment!  They are also avail in red.

Next up is Eslia!  Remember when I told you guys that I am always tardy to the party when it comes to trends?  No difference with the fringe trend.  I do own a fringe bag that I rarely sport, but that's about it!  I said that this year was the year I step out and do more out of the box dressing, so when I saw Eslia, there was an instant infatuation!  They are extremely comfortable and one of the funnest shoes I own!

I'm very pleased with my picks from JustFab and I still have more to choose from!!  What are you lusting over right now?
Happy Monday loves! ♥ Let's hope that this week is kind to us all!
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