So, January pretty much slipped from under my grasp to really start my blogging year out right AND I'm way late with posting this! *SIGH* I can't really use the "trying to get in a routine" excuse anymore seeing how I've been at my job about 2 1/2 months now.  My weeks don't share the same work days BUT I've been working long enough to be adjusted to working again.  *double SIGH*  I just need to get better at getting out and shooting!  My husband was on my side this weekend, motivating/helping me shoot for Monday's post and I have tons of ideas like including my daughter more (she can be seen herehereherehere and here *phew*), it's all about execution.
So here are the only 3 fashion posts from January!  How disappointing but I promise to do better from now on! :)

Happy Hump Day loves! Here's to a better month!
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