Time for another monthly round up!  I'm pretty proud of myself for posting 3x/wk this entire month.  Let's see if we can keep the momentum going!  I had fun with these styles this month especially the black + white top and the peacock dress.  Of course, I also had fun shooting with my little mini as well.  She's growing into such a big girl!  I'm going to try and organize some family photos with hubby and the kiddos soon because our wall needs updating AND I'm going to start on Caryss and I tutus for our Mommy + Me shoots!  Thoughts of Spring is bringing out all kinds of inspiration, so this should be the start of a pretty exciting few months!


Winter decided to finally make its debut here in Michigan over the last couple days making it unbearable to go out and take pics, so I decided to do a simple and quick hair pictorial on one of the latest hair trends!  I used to wear my hair like this all of the time about 10 years (geesh) ago and as with all trends, this one has made its way back around.  A little bit of a disclaimer, my hair is super icky and I didn't want to go back through my roots and straighten them to avoid possible damage, so it's a little oily and natural at the roots!  Oh the joys of being female!


AHH!  New makeup!  I absolutely LOVE makeup!  To the point that I consider myself my own professional makeup artist (even though I would NEVER attempt to do anyone's makeup for fear of blinding someone, lol)!  Spring of 2015, I was lucky enough to be picked to participate in IT Cosmetics's IT GIRL campaign and in the Summer of 2015, I was even luckier to move forward in their Top 20 picks.  Unfortunately, I didn't win the big prize, but I was introduced to some pretty nice products! 


Don't you guys just love one stop shopping?  I say this because today's fit comes from 3 places (not necessarily one stop, but you get the point).  This may come as a shock to most, but I actually dislike shopping in actual malls.  I do the most of my shopping for myself online.  It seems like when I'm ready to splurge on myself, which isn't often, and I go to the mall, I am ALWAYS either disappointed because I can't find anything I like or I get all crazed and can't make decisions on what to buy!  Crazy, I know.  I can do a department store, like Target all day, but the mall freaks me all the way out sometimes!


4 weeks and a day until Spring starts guys!  I've been in countdown mode ever since the Fall began, lol!  I haven't went completely bonkers yet since we've had a mild Winter (so far).  I am normally in straight pull-hair-out-from-the-root mode from the Winter-time Blues by now (it's a REAL thing guys, look it up)!  The day I shot these, the sun was shining, it wasn't too cold and I felt GREAT, like NOTHING could get in the way of me experiencing pure happiness!   I've been wanting to share my army green items since Santa gave them to me this past Xmas, it's just been a little too cold.  Decided to share just the top of one of the fits I got and layer up in my comfy Tartan Plaid scarf!


So am I the ONLY person on Earth to not realize that Forever XXI has an outlet site?  Of course there are TONS of stores by me, but who knew there was an actual outlet site!  I am going to go insanely crazy (if at all possible) on this site once I get a chance to actually sit down and browse through everything!  In the short amount of time that I glanced at it, I saw a few items that I knew I wanted to get!  Come in and take a look!


Happy Day of LVE everyone!  I hope that you are enjoying it with whatever you have planned! I decided to head back in time through Birth of  Fashion Blogger and share with you my favorite looks for Valentine's Day.  I have a confession to make: Valentine's Day to me is extremely overrated!  Overpriced candies/stuffed bears, jewelry that you don't wear daily, restaurants we could go to on any given weekend! BUT, on the other hand, what woman DOESN'T love to play dress up?  I love it from a fashion perspective and it gives me a reason to get extra cutesy #dressupmoment! :)  Here's are some blasts from the past and hopefully inspo for Valentine's Day!


This weekend is going to be filled with LVE from one corner of the world to the other with people celebrating Valentine's Day!  Whether with your sweetie or doing Galentine's Day/Broin' it out, LOVE is definitely in the air!  This little chic and I BRAVED the cold temps to share our love filled looks.  She was so excited to take these until we stepped foot outside.  I'm not going to lie, it was chilly out (hence the snow sticking around), but I'm kinda used to being out taking pics in the cold.  Her - not so much!  Nonetheless, she was a trooper and we ended up with these!


Having children are one of the most rewarding experiences one could possibly have.  I was blessed to have one of each, a boy and a girl.  My son is my eldest at 16 years old and my little mini is going on 9 in just about a month.  The boy HATES taking pictures while the girl LOVES everything about a camera!  I've been planning a photo shoot for us for once the weather breaks (I couldn't be more excited) and tutus are the main subject!  Going through Pinterest, I could totally get lost for HOURS at a time looking up recipes, home decor, DIY, just about anything, so today, I created a Mommy + Me board for inspiration for our future shoot.  I can't wait to start DIY'ing our outfits and of course I will be creating pictorials here for you guys as we go along!  Here is a little inspo!


I haven't had new shoe therapy since I purchased these beauties back in August '15.  It really has been that long!  For some folks, they would read this and say "well, you don't have to buy new shoes but a couple times a year!"  But that's like telling me that you only need to shower once a month.  It's completely unheard of!  I have a reason as to why, but let's not be repetitive and just move on to my latest babies to enter my closet. 


I believe that my husband had an ulterior motive when he purchased this dress for me.  It's SUPER sexy and while I own many like it, I probably wouldn't have picked this up.  For me, it's all about length since my legs are so long.  He knows this!  He just wanted this to work in his favor *wink*!  Nonetheless, I really do love this peacock blue frock mainly because it celebrates all of my lines and curves (even though this mommy pouch is down for the long haul *lesigh*)!


So, January pretty much slipped from under my grasp to really start my blogging year out right AND I'm way late with posting this! *SIGH* I can't really use the "trying to get in a routine" excuse anymore seeing how I've been at my job about 2 1/2 months now.  My weeks don't share the same work days BUT I've been working long enough to be adjusted to working again.  *double SIGH*  I just need to get better at getting out and shooting!  My husband was on my side this weekend, motivating/helping me shoot for Monday's post and I have tons of ideas like including my daughter more (she can be seen herehereherehere and here *phew*), it's all about execution.


Happy February!  The month of LOVE!!  February has always been one of my favorite months, even though it's cold out.  Maybe because Spring is right around the corner?  Maybe!  I decided to start the month off with this lovely oxblood colored dress from LookBook Store! I've always been a fan of jeweled toned reds.  I feel like it looks great against my skin. :)  I decided to pair it with this 3/4 sleeved trench and black accessories to let the color shine all by itself.