HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  Wow, 2016!  I mean, I knew it was coming but geez, it came incredibly fast!  I won't be the one to coin the phrase "New Year, New Me" because, well, I like me.  Just the way I am!  I will say that I will try my hardest to reach every goal that I have set and more!  It's just time. There is so much that I would like to do and I feel as if this year is going to be a great one!

For one, I want to get back to my 3x/week posting to my blog! I haven't yet figured out how I am going to juggle being back to work with all of my hobbies, but I love blogging/vlogging, so I will figure it out somehow. I am glad that I was able to have a few consecutive days off to do some shooting, which leads to this fit. I am in LOVE with this peplum style top from Lookbook Store! Peplum is just so feminine, who wouldn't love it!

 top + pants: lookbook store | shoes: kohl's (gift) | bag: justfab 
Only thing is it's a tiny bit big so I am hoping with the first wash, it will shrink a little to fit better.  I still haven't gained back as much weight as I want, so it's still kind of hard guessing my size in clothing.  Together with these lovely black skinnies, it's a simple, yet classy fit for the 1st day of the year!
I'd been really trying to get this bag into a post!  I've had it for a while and just couldn't find the right place to wear it!  Well, if not now, then never!  One of my besties wears the same size shoe as I, so she gifted these to me because they were a little too narrow for her foot and I love them to pieces already!

Happy Friday loves and I hope everyone is enjoying their New Years weekend!
See you next week! ♥
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