We know all know my infatuation with heels!  It's about as "normal" as any other woman BUT there comes a time when you have to sit the prettiness in it's spot on the shelf and throw on pure comfort!  Believe it or not, I rarely wear heels to work mainly because it's that chill there. Sometimes I wish that it was more of a dress code so that I could wear my precious babies and not get looked at like I'm crazy. #selfishmoment 

This is the first year that I've tried these fuzzies from JustFab and I'm asking myself "What took me so long?"  As always, I seem to be late on every fashion trend known to man because of my skepticism.  The are the warmest, most comfiest boots I've ever owned and let me throw in there that they are super cutesy!!

sweater + jeans: lookbookstore | bag + boots: justfab | hat: target |  belt: purse chain :)

As you can see, Martin crept back into my life!  There is no getting rid of it!  It's one of my fave bags and as long as the handles are still attached, I'll be rocking it!  As far as my belt goes, you know how you buy handbags and they come with those ANNOYINGLY long chain straps?  I ALWAYS use them as a belt because seriously, who wants chain marks/scratches from those things?  If I wanted a shoulder bag, I would've purchased a shoulder bag, lol!  I'm pretty sure I'm not the only person who thinks this way!  (at least I hope not)

I am in total LOVE with this sweater from LookBook Store!  I've gained an intense obsession with oversized, knit sweaters and this one is on top of my faves list!  It's very luscious in color and super comfortable but it's the deep-V in the back that drew me to it.  I totally forgot it was deep in the back and didn't wear the appropriate bra for it (here is an option), but I forgive myself! (and I hope you do to) :)

Happy Monday Loves Cheers to a wonderful and prosperous work week!
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