Hey guys!  A little while has passed since I've done a wig post and a VERY long time since I've done a wig review for a company other than RPG Show!  I made a video a long time ago explaining why I was restricting the amount of companies I would work with for reviews, but now I am trying to release the reigns a little to give my YouTube and Blogger viewers more options (and my honest opinion)!

That brings me to this beauty!  This full lace, glue-less cap wig is from a company called Best Lace Wigs and I couldn't be more in love!  The texture of this hair is phenomenal, almost the exact same texture as African-American hair either blown out or telaxed.  It's their style GSW128 in color 1b (dark brown) and 20" of pure gorgeousness!

Packaging is awesome arriving in a brown box wrapped in their company branded tape.  Enclosed in that is the actual box, which is nice also.  Once you pull out the core, you are met by 2 stocking caps, the unit itself inside of a secure bag and a cute black and pink brush for detangling.  The wig itself has 3 combs (1 on either side and a center one) and adjustable straps in the back.  I've already cut the lace from the front and back.
Don't let my foam head scare you.  She has been through a lot in her short life.  
My review on this unit is I am satisfied with it!  There are 2 cons that I have though.  The knots (underside the wig) aren't bleached!  Anyone that wears lace wigs can appreciate having the knots bleached because it gives a more natural appearance once you part it.  Which brings me to my second gripe.  There seems to be a lot of hair concentrated at the very front of the wig where you do most of your parting.  When you part further back, its less and it looks more realistic there than in the front.  The upside to the thickness is that if this wig was being worn straight to the back, it would be perfect!  But I want to wear it in different styles, so....

Can these issues be fixed?  Yes!  I am going to take some time out over the next couple weeks to bleach the knots and thin out the front a little bit.  If you guys are in the market for full lace wig, whether it's your first or you're a seasoned pro like moi, check out Best Lace Wigs!  Use coupon code 'MS10' to get $10 off on all of their products!  I can see this one in heavy rotation, so keep a look out!  Until next time.