The days here in Michigan have been quite pleasant, temperature-wise.  We've had our mix of sun & rain, along with a few 80 degree days, which has been so much fun to be out in!  I am a warm-natured person all around and once the weather starts breaking, it brings me to my happy place.  Also, it means it's time to spring up my closet a little with a few new pieces!

I couldn't resist getting these from JustFab's newest spring collection.  I wanted a couple core pieces, in the jeans and LBD, but I also wanted something a little different than what's already in my wardrobe in the green dress and floral sandals.  I don't own anything of that color or pattern, so I thought I'd give them a shot.  I'm glad I did!
top - bottom
high waist skinny - Mediterranean Sea x Tank Knit Maxi - Kelly Green x Perf BodyCon x Claire - Blue Multi
all JustFab

I've been going back and forth with the Perf BodyCon dress for about a month now because I was afraid of how short it would be.  I waited until I seen reviews posted of it and I am so glad I did.  This dress runs a full size small.  I did indeed size up as recommended and it fits like a glove!  [UPDATE: After trying the dress on again, I decided to exchange it for an EXTRA LARGE!  I'm usually a medium in JustFab clothing but there is NOT ONE OUNCE OF STRETCH in this dress. #lesigh It fit absolutely perfect in the waist, however, it was too tight in my hips/butt area and the ladies up top (breasts) were spilling a little too much for me!  If you have curves, please make sure you pay attention to the measurements on this dress.  The extra large accommodates my hips better and it's a tad bit big in the waist/bust areas but nothing too drastic.  I'm going to find me a good seamstress in my area to nip it in for me!].  The perforated detail throughout it is to die for and it's not too short at all!  I would have to say that the Claire sandal by far is my favorite sandal I own from JustFab (right now at least)!  It's so GIRL!  That's the only word I can think of is GIRL to describe these beauties! The best part is that each shoe is not an exact replica of the other (if that makes sense).  I am not a symmetrical person by any means, so this shoe is a total reflection of my life, lol!!  I need to hurry and get the other color as the blue multi sold out right after I purchased them! 

All in all, winning on everything!!  You'll see these pieces in action very soon as I will be headed out tomorrow to shoot photos!  Hope everyone is having a great week!