JustFab has completely overhauled their website to include their full service clothing!  It's always a great thing to see a company evolve!  I've been with JustFab since they were called Shoe Fabulous, just a month or so after their inception.  To see them go from shoes + handbags to where they are today, is amazing!!

A "Looks" section was included in their brand revamp, which highlights their clothing, jewelry, shoes + bags together as complete outfits. This is where I found this gem of a fit named Sexy Saturday Siren. It's comprised of the Racer Back Bodycon dress, the George handbag + the Argonie sandal. Now y'all already know the struggle of my weight and I. It's up one week, down another and then back up. Ah, the joys of getting older! I was so scared of how this dress would end up looking on me.
dress + clutch + shoes: c/o justfab // necklace: f21 // earrings: tiffany + co
But to my surprise, I am in love with it!  Still not in love with my midsection, but this outfit, YES!!  The whole look together is perfect.  I really appreciate the looks section of JustFab's site because while I feel as if I have a stylish eye, I just know I would have overdone it!  I would have over accessorized somewhere and it would have turned bad real quick, lol!
If you are already a member of JustFab, head over to the website and check out the Looks section!  You won't be disappointed!  If your'e not, click here, take the quiz and start being Fab!!  Let me know what you guys think!  Loving it or NO?