Aww, this horrid pooch of mine! :(  Anywho!  This pink set from Lovely Wholesale is the BIZ!  It's supposed to be Kim K. inspired but the top fits a little too well for that BUT I still love it nonetheless!  I decided to pair this set with the GORGEOUS over-sized, fold over clutch from Bagjunki!  I've been trying my best to style this without wearing it with the obvious blues and neutrals.  Pink was the way to go!  Neutral shoes and dainty accessories and I'm good to go!
I am up and down with my weight lately because of stress with a recent big purchase.  It really shows in this post to me, especially in my mid section.  I have had several panic attacks in the last 10 days or so and my nerves are sooo bad!  Haven't been to the gym in 2 weeks and I haven't been eating right at all! :( I am going to plan a Sunday spa day for some of my friends and I to get rid of some of this negative aura I have around me.  I am so over it because its affecting everything that I do!
2 pc set// lovely wholesale (sold out)
shoes// justfab
necklace + handcuff bracelet// sassy jones boutique
bag// bagjunki
How do you cope with unforeseen circumstances?  I think that with warmer weather, a better aura will surface!