This past weekend, I was invited to attend what I would call the best unveiling I've ever witnessed! Melissa Butler, owner and fellow Detroit-er, dropped her brand new baby on the world, The Lip Bar Mobile at the infamous Thrift on the Ave in Detroit.  Melissa's Lip Bar is popular among fellow beauty enthusiasts and now, people everywhere will be able to witness the beauty of her hand crafted line with her mobile beauty services!
Melissa started The Lip Bar line in 2012 by carefully curating these pigmented shades by hand, using all natural, vegan ingredients.  The texture of her "cocktails" is impeccable.  Very easy to apply, soft to the lip without drying out and has CRAZY staying power!  There are also lacquers in addition to her lipsticks that are also high in pigment and definitely won't disappoint!
One of the missions of her line is to encourage women, especially women of color, to step out of the neutral shade box and embrace colors!  As a woman of color, I have (in the past) been afraid to step out of my comfort zone, so I can definitely relate and appreciate her message!  The Lip Bar Mobile will offer this opportunity to ALL women to "try before you buy" in an innovative and stylish new setting!
She stated that she was working on Wall Street, unhappy with her job when the idea to create a line of beauty products that packed a colorful punch while staying safe to the consumer and environment hit her!  I am happy to know that someone coming from the same stomping grounds as I released such a different, fun and safe way to provide a product to the consumer while keeping it safe for our bodies!
 can we take a moment to say how freaking gorgeous Mel B. is though?
Hats off too Melissa and I pray for continued success in The Lip Bar Mobile!  Thank you Melissa and the Bee Agency for inviting me to such a wonderful event!  Also, Thanks to Thrift on the Ave for hosting this amazing event!!

Keep up with The Lip Bar so you will know when it will be in a city near you!