In my head, I am laying on the beach in 75-80 degree weather with a drink in my hand, all because I am SO over this stinking MI weather.  It could be WAY worse and I pray for everyone living in the Northeast region (they have been getting pounded this winter), but every year faithfully, I go through the winter blues!
Fellow blogger and fashionista Chante at Everything Curvy and Chic, put it into perspective with THIS post!  I go through the same symptoms as she does.  Only thing is I knew exactly what it was.  I am such a spring and summer baby!  When the weather is warm, I am out in it, even if its just for a walk.  I enjoy the wind blowing through the trees and smelling the freshly cut grass (even though I am developing seasonal allergies, BOO!).

I am an avid Pinterester, so I scouted through and here are a few of my favorite pins!  Feel free to follow me! :)

1. salad

I just keep telling my self that I can make it!  Only about 2.5 more months of possible winter weather
(despite spring starting in about 5 weeks!)!
We can do it guys!  What are some of your winter blues pick me ups?