Hey everyone!  Well it's that time to start prepping for new hairstyles!  I'm getting started early because I want to try a bunch of new ones this year!  Of course I will be putting my own spin on these, but just as some guidelines, here's some inspiration!
(all images found via Google search)

I am generally not one to do updos, but these photos did something for me! 
We all know I love some short hair, but I haven't dabbled in a while!
 This pony with side braids!  YES!
When I was younger, my mother would put 2 french braids in my hair all the time!  Hated it then, but LOVING them now!
Who can resist a classic curl?
I so want to try more color this year!  I did a lot in 2014, but more is def on the way!  What is your go to style and do you think you'll step out of the box anytime soon?  Be on the look out because I am gonna be starting on these real soon!