I am overly excited about the absolutely gorgeous bag that I purchased from BagJunki!  It's so original and unlike anything I own.  An awesome tidbits on the items from BagJunki!  They have been around for the last couple years creating 100% custom handcrafted bags that are different from the rest!  Yes, 100% HANDCRAFTED!  Can you believe it?  To have all of this talent, man, where can I sign up?!

Anyways, enough of me rambling.  You guys want to see the goods!  I got their Global Clutch, which is on pre-order right now ladies and gents.  It's the largest of the BagJunki line at 14-16" wide x 15-16.5 long (average).  It's an over sized, slouchy fold over bag and its very deep and it's lined!  
Can't wait to style this baby!  Let me know your thoughts!

xo, Chanda