★ bow & lace ★ holiday glam series 2014 ★

Happy Post Turkey Day guys!!
I am still recovering from the overload of festivities that occurred last night.
Did you enjoy your holiday?

update: #jessicarabbit red

Huest wanted to give you guys a quick update on the coloring I did to my Princess Hair Shop hair that I colored last month.
I knew my limitations and that red was way too bright for me, so I went in and made some adjustments.

★ tribal print ★ holiday glam series 2014 ★

Happy Friday Loves!  Welcome back to this weeks Holiday Glam post.  We are all about the print bodycon!  Now I'm pretty sure you guys are familiar with my comfort zone when it comes to fitted dresses.  One day, I'm good.  The next, I feel like vienna sausages stuffed in their can.  Well, today was one of those days with this dress.  I just love it so much though!  I just had to suck it up!

fall/winter lookbook

I have been trying to get these photos posted but (1st time) I was rained out.  (2nd time) Braved the elements only to delete them ALL while editing! *face palm*  This time I said forget it, I'm taking them inside and if something messes up, I can redo them.  Of course nothing bad happened other than my seamless paper shifting in some of the shots!

★ winter whites ★ holiday glam series 2014 ★

Can you believe it's that time of the year?  My husband that I was absolutely insane when I told him of my Holiday Glam series starting today!  He said "Well. what about Thanksgiving?"  I said "you don't have to really be all glammed up on Thanksgiving!" lol
I don't think he'll ever understand!


I am overly excited about the absolutely gorgeous bag that I purchased from BagJunki!  It's so original and unlike anything I own.  An awesome tidbits on the items from BagJunki!  They have been around for the last couple years creating 100% custom handcrafted bags that are different from the rest!  Yes, 100% HANDCRAFTED!  Can you believe it?  To have all of this talent, man, where can I sign up?!


So Target is doing it again with their next collaboration!  Target and Toms are pairing up to bring their oh so comfy shoes, clothing and some accessories to the public, in store and online.  The best thing about this is with every purchase, Target will donate a blanket, meals or shoes in partners…


This hair color y'all!  If I had the skin tone to pull it off would be absolutely amazing!
But I know my limitations.  The last couple years, I have stepped out of the box completely when it comes to my hair color, but this is just a WEE bit bright for me.

What's the next plan of action?
I am going to:


So I've been stalking JustFab's site, eagerly awaiting the release of these beauties.  If you remember reading my JustFab Winter '14 Catalog post, you certainly know that these were among my favorites in that collection.  Once they were available on the site, I pounced on them because I foresee these being hot for the season!

uncertain thoughts: pt. ii

If you guys have been around for a while, then you would know of a post I wrote title "uncertain thoughts" a little over a year ago, where I pretty much poured out my emotions in a not-so-long post.  We all have those days that are overwhelming, and at that point, I needed to vent properly.
Well, this is sort of an update on that.

sedona lace

I am so excited that I got new brushes!  I'm no MakeupDoll or BeautyByJJ when it comes to my makeup skills, but I do like to play in my makeup
(and I must say that I do fairly well on myself)! 

wind swept...

I know you're wondering why the word THOT is across this photo.  I've always said that this particular shirt was a THOT shirt because of the many inappropriate ways I've seen it styled!  No other reason, lol!  
Anyways, I decided to give this top a try finally and it turns out that I really love it!  It was especially to wear and shoot on this day because it was a windier day and that made for awesome photos!