justfab winter '14 catalog

Oh Gosh!  Where have I been?  I had no clue I was away from my blog for so long! :(
I wanted to come and share JustFab's Winter 2014 Collection and I am excited for a few pairs of these!
Let's dig right in!

So oh.  my.  GAWD!!!  I am eyeing a few of these styles beginning with the Hadley heel in both colors, Fawne is the sexiest gladiator ever, the Darla flat is perfect for the after the holiday shenanigans and there are so many more!  A lot of these are out already, but the ones I want, of course, I have to (impatiently) wait!  Sign up here, if you havent already!!

What are some of your faves?
xo, Chanda

just in case you guys can't see the wording, I took the liberty of jotting them down! :)
(some styles are duplicates per page)

Katrina Heel
Natalie Heel
Livvy Boot
Kristianne Boot
Cassie Boot
Bespoke Bag

page 4
Globetrotter Bag
Edie Bootie

page 5
Bevin bootie
Liza Boot
Korinna Boot
Herra Bootie

page 6
Emily Heel
Delilah Boot
Finesse Bag
Kayla Fit & Flare Dress
Pandore Bootie

page 7
Aimee Boot
The Faux Fur Vest
Ivana Boot
Persephone Shift Dress
Hazella Boot

page 8
Rhonda Pullover Sweater
Villa Bag
Gelva Bootie
Raye Bootie
The Faux Leather Skirt
Ballantine Boot

page 9
Narrative Bag
Diyana Boot
Jasleen Bootie

page 10
Sammy Bootie
Cynthia Boot
Ashlyn Boot
Treyva Bot
:ivvy Boot

page 11
Hellene Boot
Barb Bootie
Cindee Boot
Lusanya Boot
Aisha Boot

page 12
Opportune Bag
Luma Bootie

page 13
Pavlik Bootie
Mona Shift Dress
Kourtney Bootie
Ramona Boot

page 14
The Chambray Shirt
Verged Bag
The Perfect Jegging

page 15
Brailey Draped Cardigan
Lorana Boot
Magic Kingdom Bag
Laura boot
The Reversible Faux Fur Vest

page 16
Carleigh Bootie
Faye Heel
Gabriella Heel
Bevin Bootie
Lush Bag

page 17
Masterful Bag
Signature Skinny Solid (one of my go to jeans )
Cindee Boot

page 18
Plentitude Bag
Fawne Heel ♥♥♥♥♥

page 19
Odetta Boot
Opportune Bag
Edie Bootie

page 20
Grand Luke Fuzzies
Juneau Fuzzies
Studded Moccasin Fuzzies (kids)
Fairbanks Fuzzies

page 21
Star Cutout Fuzzies (kids)
Moto Fuzzies (kids)
Pink Sequin Fuzzies (kids)

page 22
Delilah Boot
Frances Heel
Villa Bag
Marquise Marvel Necklace
Enzo Clutch
Minx in Linx Bracelet
Stella Flat
Rare Find Cuff
Ardin Sneakers

page 23
Astana Fuzzies
Serena Flat
Realm Bag
Hazella Boot
Katrina Heel
Iris Flat
Isak Clutch
Lace Embrace Necklace
Charlie Semi Sheer Sweater

page 24
Novelty Clutch
Plume Clutch
Nora Heel
Nikole Heel

page 25
Geralyn Heel
Ardin Sneakers
Natasha BodyCon Dress
Frances Heel
Gratified Bag

page 26
Hadley Heel ♥♥♥♥♥
Darla Flat
Teresa Wrap Dress

page 27
Filigree Clutch
Natalie Heel

last page
Shelby Pullover Sweater
Lavish Bag
Gelva Bootie

you're welcome! :)