kiss beauty haul

Hey everyone!!  Long time, no see!  Today, I am going to be sharing a BUNCH of KISS products.  I have a been a huge fan of their eyelashes, so there is absolutely no doubt in that department, but this will be the first time that I will try out their hair & makeup products.  
There's a lot, so let's dive right in!
Everything here!  Aren't the colors pretty?!  I can't wait to start dabbling!
Hair color up first!  I am lucky enough to try all of the vivid color.  These are the Kiss Express Color Kits and it's a complete kit!  They include the developer and lightener to lift the hair first, and the color to make it pop!  Of course you have tools like gloves, a brush and a mixing try as well!
Now if you know me, then you know I've been branching out with color, so I cannot WAIT to dive into all of this deliciousness!!

Lips next!!
These are Moisture Lipsticks and they are so creamy to touch!

Lip Laquers.  And they are exactly that!  I don't think these colors will budge not one bit!
 Ruby Kisses Nail Polishes
My favorite would have to be Dancing Flamingo, but I am a real fan of the Birch Green too!!!

And last, but not least, we all know how I feel about their lashes!!  Besides my #43's from Cherry Culture, these are the only brand I wear!
Whew!  I have some work to do, right?  I will most definitely post photos of everything once its applied, tried out, used, etc, so stayed tuned!  And don't forget to check out the KISS website!  Check your local BSS for availability!

What's your favorite?
xo, Chanda