Today has absolutely been one of the BEST Mother's Days that I have had.  It's so hard to come to grips that this is my 14th one (my oldest turned 14 last December) and I have had some great ones.

This one takes the cake and I will tell you why!

1.  I slept until 9:53 am!  I am ALWAYS up no later than 6 am, even when I don't have to work.
2.  I didn't have to make breakfast!
3.  The kids, aka my hubby, sent me clues as to what my gift was!  
I had to exchange the top for a different size, so I'll share in 7-10 business day! lol

4.  I, not hubby, I taught Caryss how to ride her bike!!!!  MAJOR accomplishment!!
(video on Instagram)
5.  Didn't have to get dressed for dinner!  Ordered and picked up/ate at home!!
Lemon Parmesan Shrimp with Potatoes from Applebee's (550 calories)

I am all for dressing up and going out, but this year, I really wanted to just stay home and chill!  And I got my wish!
How was your Mother's Day?

Unfortunately, I don't have the best relationship with my mother, but I do wish her a Happy Mother's Day!
  Love you Mom!