shirt:: deb
skirt:: choies
shoes:: p2 by pink pump (oakland mall location)
earrings:: tiffany & company
bracelet:: shop in New York
 Can I tell you how much in love I am with this skirt?
I am infatuated with any kind of a-line skirt, especially this one!  
It makes me feel like a little modern day princess!
Right now, for me anyway, the trend is midi skirts.  
I just recently started my collection with this one here (and I have added a couple more).  
It's from Choies, where you can get a lot of stylish pieces for inexpensive prices!  
I can't wait to wear this one again!!

I had to sneak in this photo of my hubby and I acting cray cray! LOL
(totally my new screensaver)
xo, Chanda