fashion fair

I have had the pleasure of trying out some goodies from the Fashion Fair line!  I have a few items to share with you guys.  First up is the limited edition Moisturizing Body Set in French Riviera Blue.  It has such a light, refreshing scent.  The kit is made up of an body oil that you can apply directly to skin or add a few drops to your bath and a body creme that is so soft, but definitely moisturizes well! 
I also want to share with you The Capsule Collection.  These sets pays homage to Fashion Fair's four decades of beauty.  The four collections highlight various hues of pink specifically created for women who celebrate life with w touch of luxury.  

I have the Sensuous collection.
The 1990's Sensuous Capsule Collection reflects a new evolved era of beauty, when women embraced bolder colors.  This collection of rich, modern and bright pink colors celebrate a woman's sensuality.
Sensuous Pink Lipstick
Sensuous Pink Lip Teaser
Plum Rich Beauty Blush
Sensuous Pink Nail Lacquer
The Body Set is $39 and the Capsule Collection is $48

If you are interested in any one of these products, or any Fashion Fair items, please contact
Lisa Coleman via email at
or via telephone
860.521.8411 ex. 251