25 random things...

9:23:00 PM

1.  I like to eat ketchup/ranch dressing on everything!
I have been really into fitness over the last year (you wouldn't think so from #1).
3.  Many of you know about my daughter, but I also have a 14 y.o. son (who hates photos).
4.  I don't have a favorite color.
5.  I am a choreographer (in my head, #2leftfeet).
6.  I love electronics.
7.  I am trying to get my husband to start a fashion blog.  He has great style, in my opinion. ;)
8.  I am starting to really find basketball interesting.
9.  My favorite season is spring, then summer.
10.  I have over 100 pair of shoes (yikes)
11.  I stress over little stuff.
12.  I am SUPER shy (which is often taken as me being conceited).
13.  I want to visit Hawaii someday.
14.  I can sing, but I never do (in front of people anyway)
15.  I LOVE flowers!
16.  I am a Harry Potter fan.
17.  I love playing video games.
18.  I really want to re-visit New York.
19.  HGTV is my favorite channel
20.  My husband is my biggest supporter
21.  I work in the wonderful (not) world of bridal
22.  I have a very small circle of friends
23.  I wake up at 5:58 am like clock work everyday
24.  and I am NOT a morning person
25.  I miss my daddy everyday :( #ripdaddy

xo, Chanda


9:58:00 PM
So I had every intention on going through with my March fashion challenge, but my computer had other plans.  Long story short, it's no longer working!  Which messed up ALL of my plans with blog posts, video making and being more efficient.  I tried using my husbands iPad, but it's not the same.  I just purchased a new one yesterday, so I plan on getting back on my posts.  
Instead of keeping it throughout the month of March, I plan on being consistent throughout the months.

Thanks for being patient with me!  I can't wait to get back posting!
xo, Chanda


7:00:00 AM

journal entry #6 is a mommy and me collabo.  #10 & #88.  
I kinda did these photos at the last minute.  Put together the outfits at the last minute.
Didn't make sure all of the settings on my camera were right.
The photos came out grainy :( which leads to editing with filters.
I didn't want to redo them because it turned colder so here they are!
The little one and I sporting some comfy and casual outfits.

page 5: dressy joggers

10:35:00 AM
I am in total LOVE with the dressy joggers trend.
Who would have thought to put heels with jogging pants (and get away with it)!
Whoever did, BRAVO!  Added a few pops of yellow and white to my gray joggers, one of my favorite color combos!
jacket:: thrifted
top + joggers:: target
bag (midtown, sold out):: justfab
shoes (elizabeth, sold out):: shoedazzle
glasses:: amazon
necklace:: charlotte russe
hair:: rpg show
xo, Chanda

page 4: a little sunshine

11:28:00 AM
journal entry #4 brings a little sunshine.
It's been so dreary for so long that I'd forgotten what it felt like.
I'm hoping its up from here.  Decided to get out the snow and onto some solid ground for these pics.

These pants actually came into my possession by accident.
I ordered a completely different pair twice, and both times, I was sent these.
I figured that since I kept getting these, I would just keep them.
And I'm glad I did!
jacket:: charlotte russe
top:: target
jeans (signature skinny cords) + clutch (leisure):: justfab
shoes (lisa, sold out):: shoedazzle
necklace:: forever xxi
bracelet:: statement girl
glasses:: amazon
hair:: rpg show
xo, Chanda

page 3: suede in the snow

6:00:00 AM
journal entry #3 is very self explanatory.
I was so scared that I was going to mess up my boots in this "beautiful" weather that we have.
But I wanted to wear these SOOO bad.
I actually put this outfit together with sandals and no tights last summer and never got around to shooting it.
Fitting to do it now, right?
jacket:: forever xxi
skirt:: 5.7.9
boot (wright) + bag (martin):: justfab
glasses:: amazon
hair:: princess hair shop
What's the craziest thing you've ever done in extreme weather conditions?
I can think of way worse than this, but I would have been mortified if I ruined them!
xo, Chanda

page 2:...my suit & tie

6:00:00 AM
journal entry #2 has me singing Justin's "Suit & Tie"!
I've had this bowtie for a few weeks now and could not for the life of me, figure out how to style it.  
Until Saturday night.
It just popped into my head out of nowhere!
I think what was shielding me was that I always would come up with pairing with a white button down and would get lost from there.  Anyone that knows me knows that I love red and black together!
And so, it was written!
bowtie:: elle trois
top:: forever xxi
skirt:: charlotte russe
bag:: mart of china
shoes:: (melina, sold out) shoedazzle
bracelets:: justfab
hair:: princess hair shop
xo, Chanda

page 1: detroit glam...

8:00:00 AM
journal entry #1 pays homage to my hometown, Detroit.
I totally braved the elements (again) to get these photos done.  No snow this time (even though we are expected to get up to 5 more inches over the weekend).  It's just been extremely cold out.

I feel like such a girl when I wear this skirt.
Paired it with my "Detroit Glam" tee and its touches of red and I'm good to go!
detroit glam tee + old english d earrings:: girl buy
skirt:: a daughter's dream
shoes:: (poupette, sold out) shoedazzle
bag:: mart of china
hair:: (eurasian deep wavy) princess hair shop
Thanks for viewing and remember, if you want to participate in my March Fashion Challenge, feel free!
Leave your links to your looks in the comments section of the latest post and I will post my faves at the end of every week!  If you are on any social networks, use the hashtag #mschandafashionchallenge.

Happy Posting!
xo, Chanda