9:46:00 PM
Can you guys believe that March begins in a couple days?  We are almost through first quarter of 2014!!  

SO this post is a more like a challenge to myself.
I want to be more involved in street style blogging, so I am giving myself the challenge of getting at least
5 street style posts up per week starting March 1st! 
SUPER ambitious, but I can do it with careful planning!!

My biggest excuse right now is the weather.  
In Michigan right now, every other day it's snowing or BEYOND cold outdoors, but I cant let that stop me.  

I am FULLY determined!

I think that I can also do it by looking at some of my favorite style bloggers.
These guys are so awesome at styling and I gain so much inspiration from them!  

in no particular order
Katy @ Katy009 Fashion Agent
Airie @ Fashion to Live
Raliat @ The Fashion Fanatic
Mimi @ MimiGStyle
If you guys would like to join me, do so and comment the link in the latest post and I will pick my faves for that week!
Cheers to big ambition for something I love so much!  
xo, Chanda

spring inspiration...

2:16:00 PM
Am I the only one who is absolutely SICK of winter?  This has to be one of the worst winters we have experienced in a mighty long time in Michigan!  I know, I should be used to it right?  
WRONG!  I can't get outside and shoot ootd's, it's been snowing for 8,641,248 days (at least it seems)!
I am a summer baby and I am ready to travel up north for a few fun in the sun getaways...once summer actually gets here!  
Until then, I have been scouring all over the net looking for spring inspiration for my wardrobe and home.  Also for my mind, body and soul.  Here are a few of my favorites!


SO just know that I welcome you Spring.  I am (impatiently) awaiting your arrival with open arms!
xo, Chanda
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shoedazzle nichole booties here
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va va voom! ~ vday look #2

8:00:00 AM
Valentine's Day look numero dos!  Va Va Voom is most certainly fitting for this ensemble!  I based everything off of this lovely dress.  It's from Lolo's Kloset and you may remember a few posts that I did wearing her fashions!  If not, here's a reminder!
(again, midi dress fascination)
Let's start off with my makeup!  Sultry smoky eyes and bold red lips is what I envisioned when I put together this look!  
For my hair, I just threw in some clip ins and pulled back into a ponytail.  A little side bang completed the look.
The fit is, of course, this gorgeous dress from Lolo's Kloset!  I'll let the pictures speak for themselves! 
dress:: lolo's kloset
shoes (joss, sold out):: justfab
earrings and bracelet from my stash!
Let me know how you like!  I absolutely LOVE this dress!  
Happy Valentine's!
xo, Chanda

soft and romantic - vday look #1

7:21:00 PM
I didn't know if I was going to do a Valentine's Day series this year.  We are super busy at work and there aren't enough hours in the day it seems.  I managed to get this one done (and I will be doing another one in the morn).

I've been noticing Kim Kardashian's style changes lately, where she is wearing tons of midi skirts.  I am obsessed with midi skirts and dresses right now, so it was only right for me to attempt this look.  Hers are more daring than mine being that her body is INSANELY gorgeous!  I am halfway there y'all, then I will be a little more ambitious with my look! :)

Let's start with the makeup!  I wanted to do something really light, airy and romantic, so I used pinks and golds.  Gold in the middle surrounded by pink with a hint of purple on my outer eye.  My blush is pink with hints of gold in it and my lippie is actually coral with a pink gloss on top.  All of the details will be in the video (once I am done editing it)
My hair, I attempted a double halo braid with a pony in the back.  I received tons of compliments on this style, so I hope to recreate it again!  Please excuse my kinks in the back!  I took a shower right before doing this and didn't take a second look at the back! o_O
The fit is a blousy, pleated bodysuit paired with a midi and some pointy toed stilettos.  Lots of chains and dangly earrings to cap it off!
top + skirt:: body central
shoes (sav, sold out):: shoedazzle
earrings:: sassy jones boutique
chains:: forever xxi
Let me know how you like it!  I love how it turned out and cant wait to get more midis!!
Happy Valentines!
xo, Chanda

target: peter pilotto

8:00:00 AM
Target has done it again!  A new collection to drool over.  This time around, it's Peter Pilloto for Target.  The Collection is set to hit stores this Sunday, February 9th.  If you're smart, you will be in line extra early to get your favorites.  It is said that the pieces will range from $14.99 through $79.99 for the swimwear and apparel and $19.99 through $39.99 for the accessories!

From what I've seen, this collection has bold prints and vibrant color and a lot of options to choose from!
Here are a few snapshots!

"PETER PILOTTO is one of the most recognized & coveted fashion brands from London, designed by Peter Pilotto & Christopher De Vos. They are celebrated for their innovative, complex & colorful prints, with a blend of classic ideas & modern vision. Offering unparalleled designs that emphasize individuality, PETER PILOTTO has won over a devoted following."
(taken from the Target website) 

Which are some of your favorites and do you plan on heading to Target this weekend to get your dose of Peter Pilotto?  I have to work this Sunday, so I will try to go either before I go in or when I get off!  It's a short day for me at work so I hope to score something!!  

Happy Shopping!

(images via Target)

short VS long

5:27:00 PM
The ultimate girls best friend: versatility in hair!

This post is about these fabulous clip-ins.  These are from a company called AB Hair, which sells everything from clip-ins to wigs.  Their prices are very affordable & shipping was extremely fast.  These work exceptionally well for me since I have thinner hair.  It doesn't give me any falsehood of more density, but the illusion of fabulous length! 

The set of clip-ins that I have is the 7 piece Deluxe Set, which is 24" long.  The lengths of the wefts/how many clips per weft are 
two 6" wide weft - 3 clips/weft
three 4" wide wefts - 2 clips/weft
two 2" wide wefts - 1 clip/weft

Let me know what you think of these!  I love them!!  Extremely easy to apply and the quality of the hair is amazing!  I can see me having these for a long time!!

Run and check out AB Hair and get your length on!