best body shaper EVER!

So as we all know, there come times in our lives where we start and stop things.
I started working out hardcore last year and then stopped with the thought that I was complete!
Silly me!

goals for 2014

Wow!  6 days into the New Year!  Who, other than myself, is extremely happy that the holidays are over?  I can't believe how disconnected I was with this past holiday season.  I hope to have that "special holiday" feeling back this year because it didn't feel great!  I think it was mostly how Christmas sales were FORCED down our throats around Halloween time.  It's so commercialized nowadays.

feathered bangs? It's A Wig "Cosmopolitan"- Elevate Styles

Hey Everyone!!
Today I am sharing with you this lovely unit form the It's A Wig collection at Elevate Styles!
Cosmopolitan is her name and she is FIERCE!!
It has this fabulous under color that kinda look like a cranberry color, maybe brighter.