★ holiday glam ★ mad about plaid feat. street chiq plaid top

Hi guys!  This weeks Holiday Glam in all about red (really) but we will call it Mad about Plaid! 

For my eyes, I decided to really pop it out with red and add some deep purple hues to my crease and
smoke it out underneath! 
Red is such a scary color to work with!

I decided to wear my hair down this week for a couple reasons!  
I couldn't find my "donut" to make my bun and didn't have enough time to make a new one AND this was wash week and I just wanted a different look for a few days.  
I am also going to be starting a natural hair series to document my daughter and I hair journey.  
Something that I have been wanting to do for a while now!
Took pics with a side part and a (semi) center one!

This is the first time since PRE children (first born: December 1999), that I've put on a cropped top! 
I feel as if I am still not in the best shape that I could be in, but DAMN IT, I am wearing a CROP TOP!! It's been at least 15 years (summer 1998) since I've donned one! I feel great! This one is from an online boutique name Street Chiq!  Pairing it with one of my favorite shaped skirts (skater), black tights and fierce red platforms from ShoeDazzle, I am in mad plaid heaven! :)

4th Holiday Glam is in the bag!  Let me know how you like this look!  
Would you do anything different to it or leave it be?

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