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Hey Guys!  5th week of Holiday Glam is all about texture!  The lines, angles, frills, ruffles, etc of it all!
This week was so last minute, unorganized and everything that could have went wrong, did!
When I initially schedule all of the themes, I only counted 5 weeks, but when I went back in and actually looked at the dates that I set to do these, it should have been 6.  The final look that I have scheduled, I still want to be the final look, which threw this week into a whirlwind of last minute decision making.  
The funny part about this is I think that this one has to be my favorite look!! (this one is a close second)

After thinking about this weeks look every bit of 28 seconds, I wanted to bring depth, detail and texture to it.  I've had this dress about 2 years and I have had a couple opportunities to wear it, but I always ended up opting for something else!
This is the perfect setting for it.
I even went as far to grab a similar style handbag to go with.

For my makeup, I decided on a smoky eye.  
I have always been against a smoky eye because my eyes tend to look smaller when I do it, but this one I love!  
Kept my lips neutral, but glossy and added a hint of color in my cheeks!

For my hair, I wanted a not-so-perfect bun.  I am never one to be completely polished, especially when it comes to my hair.  
There is something sexy (to me) about having tousled hair, even with having it up!

And the piece de resistance, the outfit!  I work in a bridal boutique, so when I learned that we were getting this Vera Wang dress, I already knew that I was going to get it (just like with my renewal gown).  I didn't care how much it was going to cost, I wanted it.  Paired it with a similar shaped bag, gold/black dangly earring, simple bracelet (necklace wrapped around my wrist), pointy, strappy black shoes, GOOD TO GO!
dress :: style # vw360012 in vw champagne white by vera wang for david's bridal
shoes :: (joss) justfab
bag :: (fairytale, sold out) justfab
earrings :: local store
So how did I do for this to be thrown together literally overnight?  
Let me know how you like, if you would change or keep it the same!  
See you guys next week for my final look!
xo, Chanda
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