reflection '13

It's so crazy that in a little over 12 hours, it will be a new year!  2014!  Wow!  Where did the time go?

In 2013, I converted my blog over to Birth of a Fashion Blogger because I wanted to showcase more on my own style to everyone!  
I think I did pretty well for being a freshman at this!

playing with color x rpg show

Hey everyone!!  We all know how TERRIFIED I am of hair color.  Even though I have experimented with all kinds of hairstyles, the technique that I am most afraid of is the art of color!  Mine always end up with some sort of ombre effect (which is most likely to happen with this unit), but I wanted to share some photos of it before I changed it up!

mini haul x lovely wholesale

★ holiday glam ★ modern pinup

Happy 6th week birthday Holiday Glam!!!
Hey everyone!  SO sorry for the late post this week.  It has been one of those weeks you kinda want to forget.  

★ holiday glam ★ elegance

Hey Guys!  5th week of Holiday Glam is all about texture!  The lines, angles, frills, ruffles, etc of it all!
This week was so last minute, unorganized and everything that could have went wrong, did!

sweater weather tag

image from here

★ holiday glam ★ mad about plaid feat. street chiq plaid top

Hi guys!  This weeks Holiday Glam in all about red (really) but we will call it Mad about Plaid!