update :: uncertain times

So it's been a minute since I spoke on some personal points that I was faced with {you can read uncertain times here}.  
I appreciate all of your comments and points of wisdom on my last post.
I felt like I should update you on what's been going on.  
What to and what not to do.  The life of an adult, sometimes, can be annoying.  

The breakdown.

House search.  This was one of the most complicated, nerve wrecking, troublesome moments I have ever went through.  The outcome?  Still haven't found a place so I will have to go back into a lease.  The good part is that I don't have to go into a full years lease.  They are allowing us to sign on for 9 more months with no penalty.  My rent will go up another $50 but that's better than another $300!  The bad part is that I am still longing for a new place with more room and a new feeling.  I have been here for 9 years (anni 10.4.13) and I am just ready for something different.  I wanted to hold holiday parties in my own home this year.  Have my daughters 7th birthday in my own home, instead of cramming everyone in my little box of an apartment.  What have I learned through this process?  To be patient.  That is my weak point.  When I want something, I will exhaust all possibilities to get it and I wore myself down.  I've bounced out of it once I came to the realization that I needed to fall back and regroup.  I am going to resume my search after the holidays, save up more money and take my time.  
Hubby wants to buy a home, I am still reluctant to that idea.  
But we shall see!

Job search.  I don't even know how to begin my new job search.  I know that I have the capabilities to perform in many different positions, but I feel so out of the loop.  I have been working part time for the last {almost} 5 years and I have adapted to that.  I know it's time to move forward but I am just so unsure of how.  I know I don't want to work in the same field I am in right now.  My job isn't necessarily for younger people, it's just not for me anymore.  I was just supposed to use this as a transition into something better and it turned out to be a lot longer than that.  I am not saying that I am not grateful of the opportunity to have employment, it's just time to move forward.  I will update you guys on this once I figure it out I guess.

Back to school.  This is another uncertain area still.  Not going to elaborate on this too much.  I think that this is last in order compared to the topics on my list of to-do's.  Unless the career choice that I am looking to get into requires some more studies, then this one will have to wait a little.  

Well, that's it again.  I hope that everyone has a great, stress-free weekend!  Stay safe and have fun!


  1. Thank you for the update, my friend. I have been praying for you and your family, and STILL know that EVERYTHING will work out in Gods PERFECT timing. Im glad yall dont have to pay that $300 extra for rent, good grief that's awhole lotta extra moolah lol oh yeah and dont be wearing yourself down, cause if you do, you might be way to tired to post anything on your blog, and we both know, I AINT HAVING DAT!!! Ha! Be blessed, my friend...:)

  2. Thank you for reading! I am so happy too! We would have had to sacrifice something to avoid paying that extra $300. Luckily, the property managers like us and were willing to work with us...I think it may even be better because the kids wouldn't have to move during the school season. I have to get caught up on my posts/videos which I am working on now! :) No more slacking, lol!


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