photos by me
Hey Guys & Gals!  Today I am writing you with a review on a sister company from JustFab called Fabletics.  A lot of you know that I am a brand ambassador for JustFab.  

No, I don't work for them.  
No, I don't get paid to do reviews for their products.  
No, I don't fabricate ANYTHING to SELL a product of theirs.  

I am just a shoe-a-holic that can appreciate a good company and love to spread the word.  

When I learned the launch of their athletic apparel company, I was totally hype about it!  With the lifestyle changes that I made this year healthwise, I figured this was right up my alley!  I immediately created an account and started scoping out new items to test out!  I picked out the Nadi legging (which is the absolute BEST pair of leggings anyone could own) and the Versatil T.

I normally work out in regular sweats, yoga pants or shorts, which are okay, but the fabric that Fabletics pieces are made out of is so lightweight, it almost has a "barely there" feel to it (which I appreciate).  With the weight of regular, everyday "slouch wear" as I like to call it, you start to sweat more and (for me) I get tired a lot quicker because of the heat and weight from the clothing.

If you are into working out and want to try something new or are tired of paying ridiculous prices for workout clothing, check out Fabletics!  They have something from every price point to suit your needs!