Fab Kids!

So today, I had the pleasure of photographing my daughter in FabKids Girls attire.  
FabKids Girls is a kids clothing club (FabKids is to cute girls clothing what JustFab is to shoes/handbags/jeans/jewelry!! Hopefully they will add shoes eventually)!  They offer full outfits (top and bottom), along with a hairpiece or you pick a mini wardrobe.  You have the option of skipping the month to avoid be charged the monthly fee or if you need a little more time to pick for your princess!  Either way, I'm HOOKED! 

I allowed Caryss to pick out the outfit of her choice and she picked the Summer Sweet Outfit, which consists of this cute one shouldered, striped dress (retail $36), a pair of shorts for underneath (retail $12) and 2 little heart hair clips (retail $8).  A $56 value for $39.95!!  How exciting!!!

When we received it, it was nicely packaged in a pink box, adorned with stars on the inside and it was addressed to Caryss, which I thought was really nice!  She loves getting mail!

Sizing for my daughter is so weird because she is slim, but very tall for her age.  She (in a perfect world) would wear a 5, but I ordered the 6/7 for the length.  So I had to take in the side of the dress so that it would fit for her.  Thank God I paid a little attention to Home Ec. in school! :)

If you have a little princess, head on over to Fab Kids Girls and see what in store!  I can't wait for the next outfit she picks out! We'll let you know what she gets! :)  And you have a little prince instead, keep calm because they are getting FabKids Boys ready just in time for school!  So sign up!  


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