There is a little bit of history as it relates to this hair!  I can't seem to find the post, but I did a review {video} on this hair from DS Hair Extensions earlier this year, and I just wanted you guys to see the transition it has been through.  This texture is called the Brazilian Petite loose curl.  

I decided to make another unit using this hair a few weeks ago {video} straightening it out to see how it would react.  Here's an instagram photo:

As you can see, it straightened really well!  Until the humidity hit it!  It did exactly what I knew it would and try to revert back to its natural curly state once the humidity (and some rain) hit it.  After thinking about, I preferred this hair straight just because it was so much easier for me to maintain, so I decided to relax it using a Lusters relaxer kit.  I purchased 2 kits from my local Target and this was the outcome of it!

Absolutely LOVING this hair!!  When I relaxed it, it still had a slight wave to it (I didn't expect it to be bone straight) but nothing that a blow dryer and curling iron could not fix!  I am so excited about this unit and I can see me having it for a very long time!  DS Hair Extension Brazilian Petite Curl Loose + Me = LOVE!!!