Brunch at Chanda's? JustFab Mini Party

So there is a crazy story behind my JustFab party.  I actually held an event a couple weeks ago, but due to the data card going missing with ALL of the photos on it, I decided to have another one.  This one was smaller in attendance, but nonetheless, we all still enjoyed ourselves!

I decided to have a Tiffany blue and white palette for this one!  I didn't go all out!  Just a small table filled with some goodies (and a few first timers for me!)

My menu was (mostly homemade)
layered fruit cups
pinwheel sandwiches
mini pigs in a blanket
deviled eggs
meat, cheese and cracker tray
Seagrams coolers
*not pictured*
chocolate bump cake
pound cake
(I cant show you ALL the bad foods, lol)

So the ladies sure dug in and started admiring my babies!  I had different shoes and handbags out before, so they really went gaga over these!