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There is a little bit of history as it relates to this hair!  I can't seem to find the post, but I did a review {video} on this hair from DS Hair Extensions earlier this year, and I just wanted you guys to see the transition it has been through.  This texture is called the Brazilian Petite loose curl.  

I decided to make another unit using this hair a few weeks ago {video} straightening it out to see how it would react.  Here's an instagram photo:

As you can see, it straightened really well!  Until the humidity hit it!  It did exactly what I knew it would and try to revert back to its natural curly state once the humidity (and some rain) hit it.  After thinking about, I preferred this hair straight just because it was so much easier for me to maintain, so I decided to relax it using a Lusters relaxer kit.  I purchased 2 kits from my local Target and this was the outcome of it!

Absolutely LOVING this hair!!  When I relaxed it, it still had a slight wave to it (I didn't expect it to be bone straight) but nothing that a blow dryer and curling iron could not fix!  I am so excited about this unit and I can see me having it for a very long time!  DS Hair Extension Brazilian Petite Curl Loose + Me = LOVE!!!


3:15:00 PM

Teal Flower Blossoms...

2:15:00 PM

Brunch at Chanda's? JustFab Mini Party

10:09:00 PM

So there is a crazy story behind my JustFab party.  I actually held an event a couple weeks ago, but due to the data card going missing with ALL of the photos on it, I decided to have another one.  This one was smaller in attendance, but nonetheless, we all still enjoyed ourselves!

I decided to have a Tiffany blue and white palette for this one!  I didn't go all out!  Just a small table filled with some goodies (and a few first timers for me!)

My menu was (mostly homemade)
layered fruit cups
pinwheel sandwiches
mini pigs in a blanket
deviled eggs
meat, cheese and cracker tray
Seagrams coolers
*not pictured*
chocolate bump cake
pound cake
(I cant show you ALL the bad foods, lol)

So the ladies sure dug in and started admiring my babies!  I had different shoes and handbags out before, so they really went gaga over these!


10:43:00 PM
Happy Mother's Day to all you lovely mothers out there.

Also, to the men that are serving double duty, Happy Mother's Day to you as well!  A lot of people think that women are the only ones that serves as single parents (it may be the majority, be we are certainly not by ourselves!)  I give you your props!

Today was a pretty laid back Sunday for me.  Got up around 8:30 (which is a definite luxury in my book since I am used to being up no later than 6 am), the kids aka my husband, lol, fixed me the best western omelet, sat around for a little bit, then started getting ready for the day!  Ran and got my mother in law a last minute Mother's Day gift (so last minute) and then headed, to what is turning into the family spot, the Assembly Line Buffet which is located in the Motor City Casino.  Afterward, I went to visit my granny and her puppies and kitty, then came home!  All in all, this was certainly a great Mother's Day!  My kiddies/family are who drives my motivation on a daily basis, which I am eternally grateful for!  

top + pants//forever xxi
shoes (jefferson) + bag (gramercy)//justfab

Hope you all had a great day!

• L E G S •

9:14:00 PM

top//target (ombre by me)
shorts//wet seal
shoes (Turin), bag (Icon)//justfab
necklace//forever xxi
hat//target (old)