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bag & shoes//justfab

Est. 2011

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This is my entry into JustFab's #justfabheelreveal contest! 
These are ALL of my current items that I own from them 
(except for the sunglasses, I forgot to add them in)! 
I took one shoe/boot from every pair because they all wouldn't fit in the picture! 
Please vote for me here! http://bit.ly/XX5awE

(in no particular order) 
Aveiro, Copacabana, Tivoli, Cologne, Carilo, Rouen (both colors), Ankara, Turin, Love Me Now? Oxford, Hiral, Divina, Juliana, Bruna, Irina, Cecila, Heather, Claudia, Quinn, Pamela, Leanne, Shenae, Carolyn, Chevonne, Cassidy, Beatrice, Giovanna (pink and purple), Aurora (all colors), Adena, Daphne, Shelby, Jefferson, Winona, Sally, Blythe, Jordyn (both colors), Roxy, Makeeda (blue, red and black), Piper, Lacey Days (nude and pink), Love Bites, Vesta, Leighton, Scarlett, Norma, Tanisha, Cassie, Lois, Kalinka, Kyra, Pippa, Shayla, Latifah, WTF, Fernanda, Payson (nude and orange), Willa, Hell Yeah, Cher, Sarada, Lorca, Armella, Avoca, Miley, Gentry, Sherona and Mandalit 

(in no particular order) 
Magnate, Roam, Fearless, Leisure, Fairytale, Saga, Ballet, Bombshell, Visionary, Law, Moxie (coral and mint), Midtown and Icon. 

(in no particular order) 
Signature skinny (pearlescent mint, pink ombré, blue ombré, pink tuxedo stripe, metallic black, metallic copper, printed floral, printed blue polka dot, printed red polka dot, printed taupe lace, blue dust, gray, eggplant, emerald, turquoise, berry, wide leg blue jeans, bell bottom white, Martha Back Seam legging...


Biker Chic...

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jacket,necklace//forever xxi
top//wet seal
shoes//"sarada" justfab
bag//"tomah" shoedazzle

Gray Dress....

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This is the most COMFORTABLE dress that I own.  This is coming from CiChic.com and I am so glad that I got this one!  This particular one is a little different from the one pictured on the site.  The one pictured on the site has a longer slit up the back, which I am glad this one doesn't.  I don't think I would have been completely comfortable with it.  

• N E O N S •

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1 dress, 2 ways!

Look #1
dress//lolos kloset

Look #1
dress//lolos kloset


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jacket, top//forever xxi
leggings//nikkie nylon

So I want to take a little time to do a review for these GORGEOUS leggings that I'm wearing!  They are custom leggings from Nikkie Nylon.  If you are a YouTubie, the owner of the company is Nikkie or Nikkie20six, a makeup artist.  She is putting her knowledge and awesome skills to work creating custom pieces now and I am a HUGE fan!

These leggings are super comfortable and my favorite part of them, the are LONG enough!  For you ladies that are 5'6" or taller, you know what I am talking about!  I am right at 5'6" and I have trouble with most pants because they are too short, especially leggings!  But these are so on point!  I love the material, they don't look cheap, the sheer panels, EVERYTHING about these babies!  The waistband also smoothes out any imperfections that you may have, which is a HUGE plus! 

So if you are interested in these leggings, head of to her website, Nikkie Nylon, and check out what's offered.