Goodbye 2012...

I am so glad that I am starting to break out of my shell and take on new tasks.  One of them is climbing out of my shell and starting to do street style (if you will) posts!  Here's to bigger and better!!! xoxo, Chanda


Merry Christmas...

Happy Holidays!

From my family to yours!
Christmas 2012
♥ Chanda


Sheer Blouse {Forever 21}
Necklace {Statement Girl}
Cuff {Statement Girl}
Taupe Lace Signature Skinny Jeans {JustFab}
Mandalit Shoe {JustFab}

"I walked into the room dripping in GOLD...."

“Why can’t you want me like the other boys do?
They stare at me while I stare at you
Why can’t I keep you safe as my own?
One moment I have you the next you are gone
Rehearsed steps on an empty stage
That boy’s got my heart in a silver cage
Why can’t you want me like the other boys do?
They stare at me while I crave you"

Jeans and Shoes (Jefferson) {JustFab}
Tank and Boleo {Forever21}
Jewelry from everywhere

Can you say LOVE?...

Today is the day that I finally put up the installation video of the the unit using my Boss Diva Stylz hair.  I am really loving this hairstyle.  I am a SUCKA for curly hair.  When I first made this unit, I wasn't sure that I was going to like it because I have had so many bad experiences with curly hair.  Mainly it wasn't as POOFY as I would want it to be.  But this did not disappoint!


Brazilian Deep Wave...Boss Diva Stylz

Hi guys!  Today I am sharing with you some beautiful hair that comes from Boss Diva Stylz.  I have their Brazilian Deep Wave.  I actually think that its more of a kinky curl myself.  I have 3 bundles that are 14", 16" & 18" in length.  I am so excited to try out this hair because it's a very popular style of Kelly Rowland, which a lot of people say that I resemble (even thought I don't see it) so we will see how this turns out!  
Here are some pics before the install!

Washed and Conditioned

Straight out of the package 

What I used to wash/condition.  This is from Elevate Styles.

{Boss Diva Stylz}

Stay tuned for the hairstyle!!