Holiday Styling "Tutu..."

The last couple weeks has taken my emotions on a roller coaster ride.  I have been planning to do our Christmas pictures for about a month now and everything that could happen to prevent them from happening did!  From not finding the patterned fabric that I wanted to make a backdrop to a big 20 person sized hole in my kitchen wall from the water tank in the unit above us!  
But one thing I can say is that I really enjoyed when it was time for us to actually take the photos.

We (or I, lol) decided that we should do them ourselves this year.  It saves money, allows us to do them the way that we want them, we have photo equipment (even though we are not professionals at it) and we get to spend time with one another without one of us on the go.

This is close to what I wore on the day of the pics (if you wanna see a few, scroll down below)
The only thing I did different in these was change out my earrings and shoes and I ditched the tank top.

Here are a few pics of me.  
I will post a few more with my family closer to Christmas, but I just wanted to share a few.

I made these shoes MYSELF!  Well, not made, just glittered them, lol!
If you wanna see how I did these, 

Crinoline slip {Amazon}
Miley Shoe {JustFab}
Jacket {Chictopia Shops}
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