While I am at a moment in my life that I am trying to restructure everything around me (my furnishing, my schedule, etc), I decided that I would bring my blog into the equation.  This isn't the first post that I've created like this, it will just be more often than before.  I have been put into a small box by a lot of people that follow me, and it's time to break out.  I love to do hair, SURE!  But there is so much more to me than just hair.  I love to follow the latest in EVERYTHING fashionable.  I am a shoe connoisseur (well, at least I like to think so), I love to do DIY's all the time and I'm just an all around fashionista in my own mind!  

So it's time to step out and share the other things that I like besides hair and we will start today with the latest trends!  I found it very interesting while browsing the internet yesterday, what is considered to be the latest in fall trends for 2012.  This post was created back in March by Elle's Top 8 Fashion Trends from 2012.  
Let's us take a look into what is "trending".

Solid GOLD



Military Chic

Suited Up

The Shakespeare in Love Era

The Fabric: Velvet

Silhouette: Room to Grow 
*all photographs courtesy of Elle's website

So as you can see, there is a very WIDE range of "taste" that's geared up for the upcoming season. While some of the looks are cute and very runway, the reality of it is that can this really be incorporated into an everyday person, like myself, wardrobe?  I love the oversized coats and the military inspired looks.  I also have a space in my heart for the gold touches, Shakespeare-esque style and the suits are all so very classic.  But when I see stuff like COMPLETE velvet outfits, it really brings the quote "style-recycled" and "eras revisited" to mind.  I guess it's all in how its styled.  There a parts of all of these looks that can be related into everyday style.  I am going to spend my days trying to recreate all of these trends on a more scaled down, wearable tone for fall 2012.  If I succeed, I will most def post it and let you be the judge!  Wish me luck!

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  1. I think I like all of them except for the waxy! Looks great in the photo but I'll leave it there. I see gold creeping back into my closet and it looks good lol! Can't wait to see what you come up with cause I know it will be "just fab"! Nice post MsChanda!