Influenster: What is it?

Hey Guys!  Long time, no see!  I know, I know.  However, I am BACK today with a post about a new community of trendsetters called Influenster Influenster is a community of trendsetters invited to share their lifestyles and show their influence to qualify for personalized product shipments, special rewards and exclusive deals from the brands they love. Members love testing the latest products, giving insightful feedback, and spreading the word on their favorite finds! (taken from there website)

Once you register, you have the opportunity to unlock badges that are geared toward your lifestyle and you can receive what they call VoxBoxes with products that surround those badges.  I think this is an awesome thing to be apart of and I am glad that I signed up!

I was lucky enough to be picked to review their Love VoxBox in February and test out 5 products that are within a wide parameter of companies to test out.  The products that I was sent to test out and review were:

Gilette Venus & Olay Razor (retail between $9-$11)
"Gilette Venus & Olay are coming together to deliver a gold standard in shaving with the new Gilette Venus & Olay Razor!  Olay Moisture Bars help lock in moisture to your skin, while Venus' five blades shave you close." (taken from Influenster card)

Kiss Nail Dress-Fashion That Sticks (retail $7)

"Introducing Kiss Nail Dress, the ultimate nail fashion for tips and toes!  Just peel, apply and shape for a manicure that lasts up to 10 days.  Available in 18 different styles." (taken from Influenster card)

Stash Tea Herbal Tea Sampler (retail $3.50)

"This sampler features some of Stash Tea's most popular herbal teas.  All are naturally caffeine free and made from 100% natural ingredients.  Steep for 3-5 minutes at 190-209 degrees, and enjoy!" (taken from Influenster card)

Ghirardelli Gourmet Milk Creamy Devotion Bar (retail $3)

"The decadently rich and creamy 32% cacao milk chocolate in Creamy Devotion (TM) delivers an epicurean chocolate experience.  Experience a moment of timeless pleasure with all natural Ghirardelli Gourmet Milk (TM) chocolate." (taken from Influenster card)

Truvia (R) Natural Sweetener (retail $4, 40 ct)

"Truvia (R) natural sweetener is refreshingly uncomplicated, made from the best tasting pat of the Stevia plant.  Sprinkle this no-calorie sweetener on your grapefruit.  Spoon it on your coffee.  It wont end up on your conscience or your thighs!" (taken from Influenster card)

I will back in a future post to let you guys know how everything works out with these products and how I like them.  In the meantime, head on over to Influenster and sign up!  It's free and who doesn't like to test out free items!  

Lata Loves!

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