How To: Glamour Board Backdrop

Hey Guys!  So I am always on the lookout of a way to save money, just like the rest of the world.  Every one that knows me knows that I absolutely LOVE taking pictures of EVERYTHING!  Within the last year or so, I have been building up my photography gear, which is pretty expensive to say the least.  Especially backdrops.  So to cut costs in areas where I know I can put my crafting creativity into play, I decided to make a backdrop using all things that I have laying around my apartment.  

Items needed:
 Cardboard Box (your preference for size)

Clear tape, Scissors and an Exacto knife

Old Magazines

And that's pretty much it (unless you wanna freak it out with bling or anything else of the sort).

1st step is to cut out all the magazines pages that you want to create your backdrop board with.

Lay them along the bottom side of the cardboard in whatever pattern you want...

...and secure with the tape.

Continue in a straight line or however you want them placed until you have reached the top of the board.  For the edges that aren't covered by any paper due to sizing issues with the pages, just tear one of the pages in half vertically or horizontally and fill in.

And there you have your finished Glamour Board Backdrop.  You can use any kind of magazine pages that you want.  Just make it FABULOUS!  Let me know what you think! 

some examples (wig review coming up)

Lata Loves!

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