Get "Glammed" Up! ♥

Hey Guys!  Today I am gonna be sharing with you some goodies that I got from over at Diva Glamm, which is a new accessory site with LOADS to offer!  I was so excited when I was offered the chance to to a review for this site!  I have 3 pair of fabulous earrings and a hot bracelet to show you guys, so let's jump right in!

First off, I am really impressed with the content of the site and the prices!  Nowadays, there are sites popping up all over the place offering jewelry at affordable prices, but a lot of them look CHEAP!  Not with Diva Glamm.  Some of the HOTTEST stuff out here guys, I promise!

First off is Kissamee.  These hot little button lip earrings are so cute and a total must have and for $5, you can get some for everyone that you know.  They are available in pink and red on the site!

Next we have Icicle.  All I have to say is Spikes, Beads, Rhinestones...OH MY!  $12.5

My FAV out of the bunch (even though I love them all) is Tweaked Mesh.  Pics says it all!  Enjoy! $13.5

And last but not least, is my HAUTE bracelet, Spikey.  As long as I dont have a runny eye, I'm good, lolol...
I am in total LOVE with this bracelet!  For $10.5, a STEAL!

Now with Christmas coming up, this is a complete shop to get all of the ladies (and gentlemen possible) out of the way.  Head over to Diva Glamm and get all GLAMMED up! 

Until Next Time...

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