How I: Ombre

Hey guys!  So sorry for the late posting of how I ombred my hair.  I've been kinda busy but here it is!  I am using Yaya Hair Company Signature Brazilian Hair in a 16" & 18" to do the ombre with.  I will be putting up a in depth review of this hair within the next week.  So far, so good with it.  

What I used to do this was

Clairol 30 Volume Cream Developer and Clairol Born Blonde Creme Lightener

Latex gloves for safety and aluminum foil to aid in the lighting process

Lightening Activator and an angled brush so that you wont have a harsh line


The first thing I did was mix all the ingredients together (developer, cream lightener and the powder lightener)

then I applied the mixture to the ends of the hair that I wanted lightened.

I allowed the mixture to sit for about 30 minutes and allowed it to lift.  I didn't want to be completely blonde because I am DEATHLY afraid of color. 

10 minutes

20 minutes

30 minutes

This is the end result of my 3rd ombre attempt

And that's pretty much it!  I didn't do anything specific, like lifting it, or anything.  I am really liking this technique and I plan on doing some more hair like that. I will be putting up a post with some pics of the hair curled within the next few days.   Let me know if you like the outcome and if you would do anything different!

Lata Loves!

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  1. Ms. Chanda if I was going for a burgundy color for my ombre.. What woulda you recommend me to use?? Which item do I substitute?? BTW I'm also terrified of color.. Just trying to try something new..