Final Natural Hair Length Check for 2011

Hey Everyone!  I am coming at you with my final hair length check for twentyeleven (2011).  This is brought on by surprise actually.  Only reason I decided to do this was because I almsot had a mental breakdown with my hair last week.  I was removing a wig that I made when I cute a section in the right front part of my hair AND cut off HALF A BRAID in the back.  At that point, I was ready to grab the hubby's clippers and ZIP!  But I held it together (as best as I could) and decided to wash and flat iron to see my damage.

While I have seen a significant amount of growth and health be restored in my hair, I cant help but notice the not so great parts about it either.  The fact that it is still not as thick as I would like for it to be (I dont know if there is a remedy for this), the obvious butchered sections, the potential heat damage on the section I leave out when I do sew ins or U-shaped wigs.  It's not perfect and I still have a LOOOOONNNNGGGG way to go, but for the most part I am happy!

Let's take a little walk down memory lane!

March 2010
Hair was in a total state of WTF!  It was broken, dry, completely uneven and just plain nasty!

November 2010

February 2011

August 2011

October 2011

  November 2010                          February 2011
   August 2011                        October 2011

Let me know some of your regimens or staple products.  Or even if you have a "RITUAL" that has proven success in your hair.  While I do hair, I am not an expert.  There is always room for growth and all comments and suggestions are always welcome!

Lata Loves!


  1. I think u should try protein treatments to help thicken your hair cause I have experienced thinning too from flat irons.....I stopped.flat ironing for three months and I've noticed significant growth and thickness from it. I will do a length check in 7 days.

  2. I've been washing my hair ALOT more than I did before I started over with my hair I shaved my head because I was in disgust of the breakage I had caused and I have been doing pretty well growing my hair back wearing wigs and slicking it back into a pony tail and putting on a drawstring afro puff. I wash my hair 2x's a week and use growganics or apogee sometimes a combination of the 2. And not really any heat besides the blow dryer. Thats been it

  3. Hi.Isaw your blog post by looking up Doo Gro.How are the updates coming along?I plan on getting the shampoo this week.
    Please let me know if the shampoo is working.