"Corset Me" ♥ Alter Ego Clothing

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!  Tonight, I am gonna be sharing a BEAUTIFUL neck piece that I got from over at Alter Ego Clothing.  It's called a Neck Corset and it's one of the prettiest pieces that I own.  We all know that I am a lover of lace, lacing and anything that that corresponds, so this is right up my alley. 

Victorian Inspired Neck Corset
"Stunning neck piece that adds drama and poise to any outfit. Extends the neck with a soft bone and black lace. Completes the look of any outfit and brings attention to the face. Adds a touch of class and makes any ensemble regal."

Now you know I had to take some pics right?  I actually did some, didn't like the way they turned, so did another impromptu shoot and BAM!!!!  Here we go!

You can click here {Alter Ego Clothing} to be guided to their site.  You can also find them on {Facebook} and on {Etsy}!  Please run and check them out!  I am sure that you find something that you like!

Lata Loves!