"Show Me your UGLY" contest over at 5 Inches or Higher

HELLO Ladies and Gentlemen!!!!  This is a post from over at my shoe blog, 5 Inches or Higher

To show my appreciation for shoes and the fashionistas that read my blog and watch my videos, I am holding my first shoe contest titled "Show Me your UGLY" contest!  I know that the title sounds crazy, funny and weird all at the same time, but I wanted to do something a little different with this one.

So what's premise you ask?  I want for you to show me the UGLIEST shoe that you own in your collection and explain why you would need the prize.

What do you have to do (may be your next question)?  You have 3 ways that you can enter this contest!

You can submit a video to my Youtube Channel, (click HERE for the video) either WEARING or HOLDING your worst pair of shoes and explain to me why you would like to win the prize.   There will be 2 winners in this category.

You can enter through my blog by sending me a few snapshots of you wearing or holding your worst pair of shoes and explain to me why you would like to win the prize in a short summary. Send pictures to  There will be 2 winners in this category.

You can comment over at the contest post (NO POSTS HER WILL COUNT AS AN ENTRY) sharing with us your worst shoe mishap.  Whether it was at an event and you wiped out or your heel broke off while you were on a first date.  WHATEVER the case may be, SHARE IT!!!!  There will be one winner in this category.

What's the prize?  Well, the FABulous (hint, hint) people over at my favorite online shoe club, JustFab, were gracious enough to sponsor this contest with (5) 3 month subscriptions!!!!!!  IKR?!?!?!?  In laymen's terms, 5 people will win one (1) credit per month for three (3) months.  HOW AWESOME IS THAT!?!?!?!?!

If there is a contest, there are rules!  You must:

♥ be a subscriber to my Youtube Shoe Channel (click here)
♥ be a subscriber to my SHOE blog (Google Friend Connect with me)
♥ have an account with JustFab (<---click the link to the left to create a FREE account)

I would suggest creating an account with JustFab as soon as you know that you want to enter.  Every month on the 1st, JustFab unveils new boutiques.  We want to make sure that your account is active to receive your prize if you win.

The contest will run from today, Monday, July 18th until Monday, August 1st,  
11:59:59 Eastern time 
10:59:59 Central time
09:59:59 Mountain time
08:59:59 Pacific time
anything stamped after the times listed will be disqualified.

On Friday, August 5th, I will be announcing the winners to this contest in a live video on BOTH of my YouTube channels (LaBella MsChanda and 5 Inches or Higher) AND on BOTH of my blogs (You May Enter and 5 Inches or Higher) so that everyone will have a chance to know if they have won.

Please take time to read this information.  It is EXTREMELY important as it relates to this contest.
The contest is available for participants in the United States.  JustFab, at the moment, ships only to the US.  If you have someone with a US address that the shoes can be shipped to, then you are eligible.
If you have a question as it relates to this contest, please DO NOT contact JustFab.  They are only SPONSORING this contest and will not be able to answer ANY questions related to this contest.  Please send an email to and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

I cannot wait to see all of the entries.  Tell a friend to tell a friend to tell another friend to enter and Good Luck to ALL of you!


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