30 Never looked so good!

Hey Ladies and Gentlemen!

I wanted to share with you guys a little bit of my birthday with you guys. It was last Wednesday, July 13th but I went out the following weekend.  I didnt document the entire weekend, but I did take a lot of picks from Saturday.  A bunch of friends and I went to a bar/lounge called Centaur in downtown Detroit and had a ball!

This is what I wore

corset, Charlotte Russe; skirt, Rainbow; shoes, ShoeGlamm

I also had a bunch of gold and purple jewelry on that I got from everywhere.

So three of us, My besties Terrace, Porshia and I, birthdays are all in July, so of course we had to live it up!  Here are (some) pics from the night.

 (dont ask)

 (how many at this point, I dunno)

 (again, dont ask, lol)

So from the pics that I showed, you can prob tell that we all had fun.  We all have children, jobs (some more than one), school, all kinds of things that wont allow us to hang out as much as we did when we were younger.  I am glad that we can get together at least every once in a while to just have fun.  I love these girls and I couldn't have shared this day with anyone else (other than the hubby who stayed home since it was girls night out of course).

Until next time guys!!!!