My Latest Hairstyle

Normally I would not share my hairstyles on this blog because that is not why I created it.  
But I ABSOLUTELY love this style.  
I got it from Monica's "Everything to Me" video and tweeked it in my own way.  

Here is a pic:

If you are interested in seeing how I achieved this, check out my YouTube channel and look for the 
Monica Inspired series!


Outfit of the Day ♥ 6.24.10

I found this gem at a Target while on vacation in St. Louis this past weekend for $9!  
I had to grab was the last one in the store AND it was in my size.  
Check me out on Chictopia and get your account started today!

Thanks for viewing!

Pick of the Day ♥ Chictopia's Joannaladrido

So one of my favorite networks that I am apart of is Chictopia, a place where you don't need to be a declared fashion model to show your knowledge for it, and their is a person on there that I have never seen look bad.  Her Chic name is  Joannaladrido from the Philippines.  Her style is so very feminine, but she can switch it up and go hard as well.  
This is a one of her latest looks.

I encourage EVERYONE to go and check out her looks on Chictopia and also create an account.  
Check me out as well!


Oh How I have neglected thee?

So I just came back from a mini vaca and my plans were to update while I was there 
(St. Louis, MO)....
I will be back to updating tomorrow.  Missed you guys!

Happy Wednesday!


Hair of the Day ♥ Fro Hawk

I hope you liked!


♥ Juicy Couture Parfum

So I know that this parfum has been out a minute, but I am absolutely IN LOVE with it!  The smell is just so current and pretty and it attracts major attention (some unwanted, lol).  Nonetheless, I love it.  I was walking through Macy's with an acquaintance when I stopped past "SMELLS" counter.  It immediately reminded me of a conversation that I had with one of my best friends saying that I need to buy some REAL perfume and stay away from body sprays (I think I own every scent that Victoria's Secret has created).  I ended up purchasing a Paris Hilton perfume and taking a few samples with me. 

When I got home, I removed  the samples and began testing them and from first scent.  I started to question my purchase and thought maybe I would take it back and exchange it.  Then I thought about it, I received a FREE bag with the purchase (which I love) and the cost of the Juicy parfum was twice as much as the Paris Hilton.  So I stayed with my purchase.  Then, I went to Target and saw the EXACT same Juicy, in a smaller size, for 25 bucks. SO MINES!  But I had to let you guys in on my Juicy Couture fetish.  Now on to the clothing!

Life Of Meg ♥ Mingle Party

So I just came across the cutest blog named Life of Meg and she has a weekly blogger particiaption called  

How it works is

1) She (Meg) begins a ridiculously goofy story and leave it hanging.

2) WE (bloggers) leave a comment and pick up the story (1-2 sentences).

3) Don't forget to leave your blog site link at the end of your post!

4) Visit the blog of the person who commented before us and leave a comment!

5) The person under us has to do the same for us!

Of course you would want to become a flollower of her blog!
So I am sharing this with you guys so that we can keep it rotating! 
Visit her Mingle Mondays post and start the fun!


My Lil Diva's "Photo" Shoot

This is my lil Diva and we are at home during the day by ourselves (soon to change once school is out) and we have to keep ourselves busy.  So on this particular day, I decided to take some pics of her since she kept on asking "Mommy, can have have pictures?"  So I am sharing.  ENJOY!


We took loads more, I just got tired of waiting for the upload to blogger, lol.

I Used a Nikon Coolpix L110 and I used Picasa and PhotoScape software to edit/manipulate the pictures


"Heather" from

Shoe Details
Approx. Heel Height: 5"
Approx. Platform Height: 1"
Runs 1/2 a Size Small
Color: Blue
Synthetic Upper
Man Made Sole

CLICK HERE for the video